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Kenan Flagler Entrepreneurship Center, Opportunity Hub (OHUB), 100 Black Angels and Allies Fund (OHUB), University of North Carolina, with the aim of fostering and supporting the founders of diverse companies in the tech industry. The partnership formed by the One-Handed Red Black Angels and Arise) fund has been joined by strong partners, Duke University and Stanford University.

As part of this partnership, faculty members at Stanford and Duke have received the DEIS Practicum Certificate. Acronym]You will be a teacher of the program and the Black Technology Ecosystem Investment Certificate program. The former is more than just hiring and compensating justice, it’s about how corporate management is systematically involved in diversity and inclusiveness, while the latter is more black investors starting up. It is an effort to be able to support.

“At the organizational level of the organization, in order to address issues like DEI and the deep-seated issues of wealth inequality, we need to work together to open up such education to more people.” Said Vickie Gibbs, Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Center, in a statement. “Together we will take action and move forward to build a more equitable society and entrepreneurial community.”

Stanford University’s Technology Ventures Program (STVP) and faculty participation from Duke University not only enhance the effectiveness of the program, but also chairman of OHUB, 100 Black Allies & Angels. And Angels co-founder and general partner Rodney Sampson said. He is also a visiting professor at the University of North Carolina and Duke, saying that the membership of the two universities will help graduates of each university know about the program.

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“These solutions and insights raise awareness within the two prestigious university graduates and their entrepreneurial community,” Sampson said in a statement.

The framework developed by Sampson takes a multifaceted approach. It includes items for assessing the degree to which diversity, fairness and inclusiveness are commercialized: Board and Governance, Employment, Promotion, Evaluation of Practices in Human Resources, Procurement and Vendor Services, Innovation and Product Development, It sets up resources to reach a diverse audience, invest in black and Latin communities, and monitor the impact of business in those communities.

Fortunately, this framework is also cited in a recently published paper by none other than the Brookings Institution, co-authored by Amy Liu and Reniya Dinkins. It was.

“By eliminating prejudice and showing ourselves our efforts to create a culture with a true sense of belonging, we have gained the high trust and credibility of the company and executives needed to cooperate with other companies, and it is greater. Progress and sustainable prosperity will be brought to the base, “the paper said.

Especially for Stanford University, the acceptance of diversity and teaching practice meant that the university had to rush to follow the policies of the previous administration, which demanded restrictions on diversity education at the university, to restore stigma. It was convenient at this time of the year when I was working hard on rehabilitation.

“For too long, diversity, fairness and inclusiveness have been an afterthought for entrepreneurship and innovation. I am very pleased to be able to deal with systematic racism with thoughtful and active peers. I think. By working together, we can build important new networks between our organizations and develop insights for education that we can share with educators and organizations around the world. “She said, Tom Byers, Honorary Visiting Professor at North Carolina University Chapel Hill and Duke University Cohein, and Chief Teacher of STVP.

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