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Lhe president of the union, Jan-Mark Dufour, affirms that the workers’ observation is “final” and that the Legault government, whose offers are considered “clearly insufficient”, must assume its responsibilities in order to resolve the crisis which is raging in the education network. He also recalls that several workers have been at the front since the start of the pandemic, in particular with emergency guard services.

“We claim that it is no longer a union issue but a social issue, there must be a major reinvestment,” he says.

Increasing members’ pressure tactics by a notch will result in “several concrete actions aimed at disturbing the network” but also for the employer (the CSSCV) to send the message to the ministry “that this must be done. advance and that the parties sit down to negotiate ”.

β€œIt could be taking all our breaks, because the majority of our members often don’t do it in the line of duty, because we work with humans. Except that it makes you wear out faster and that can lead to absences. Every Thursday, there was a waistcoat, this time we could add a hat, a cap, to disturb the regulations in the establishments. We also plan to do days in each of the schools with coffee and music, which will disturb the classes a little. We also intend to send postcards to our general manager (Daniel Bellemare), everyone can add a personal thought ”, affirms Mr. Dufour, who specifies that 90% of the members are women.

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