Report concert of the department of Russian folk instruments

Report concert of the department of Russian folk instruments The program of the reporting concert will include: 1. V. Shirokov “Small welcome overture” 2. E. Derbenko “Russian Song” 3. I. Tamarin “Multloto” – Orchestra of Russian folk instruments, artistic director and conductor Fedorkevich O.Yu. 4. V. Dietel Obr.r.n.p. “Oh, you canopy, my canopy” – Fedicheva … Read more

Concert “France. The Golden Age of Romanticism “

Concert “France. The Golden Age of Romanticism ” Concerts 04.04.2021 17:00 A source → PRO.Kultura.RF 6+ 2 <!– 0 –> Vladislav Strashnov → Source: Author’s archive The Ryazan Philharmonic invites you to start April with good music – the Moscow ensemble of soloists Tempus Novus Art will visit Ryazan residents. The team of musicians was … Read more

Smolensk newspaper – On the way to a dream

Society In 1998, the administration of the Smolensk region established a scholarship named after Prince Smolensky Roman Rostislavovich – in order to financially support gifted youth and encourage full-time students (cadets) of full-time education at state universities, colleges, as well as schoolchildren who have shown special abilities in mastering the basics of science. Scholarship applicants … Read more

Rostov postman every year receives congratulations on March 8 and February 23

We found out why Olga Pelipenko always has one more holiday a year. Photo: Press Service of the Russian Post. Postman Olga Pelipenko celebrates two holidays at once – March 8 and February 23. She is not just a charming woman, a mother of many children and a responsible postman, but also a foreman of … Read more

Why higher education is going out of style

Higher education is losing ground. Since the 2000s, we have closed a lot of dummy universities that simply traded in diplomas A photo: Alexey BULATOV An interesting time is coming: the pursued higher education is becoming less popular. Last year, an almost historic event took place – the number of those who go to colleges … Read more

the rescuers took out the dog that fell into the hatch

Rescuers got the dog out of the hatch. Photo: screenshot of the video of the Ministry of Emergencies The dog fell through a hatch in the village of Kotyagi in the Minsk region, rescuers took it out. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of Emergencies. The incident took place on February 22 … Read more

the girl saved the dog from the river in Sochi

A girl rescued a dog from a river in Sochi Nobody saw how the white mongrel got into the river. The dog floundered in the water and could not get out, as the bank was too high – concrete. In this place of the Sochi River, near the Riviera embankment, there is not a single … Read more

The poor artists were offered to be buried in Mytishchi and to organize concerts at the churchyard

During the funeral of producer Tima Brick at the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery. A photo: Evgeniya GUSEVA Musician and showman Stas Baretsky suggested opening a cemetery for celebrities in Mytishchi. The reason for this initiative of the artist was the recent funeral of the star of the TV series “Trace” Oleg Valkman. As the singer noted, “there … Read more

Residents of Sochi reported massive dog baiting

Screen from the video: Residents of Sochi reported massive dog-baiting. Eyewitnesses posted dozens of creepy photos of dead animals online. Footage from the video resembles horror: the unfortunate four-legged victims writhing in convulsions. “It happened in Adler, near one of the shopping centers,” local animal rights activists told Komsomolskaya Pravda – Kuban. – All … Read more

after several days of coma, a photo artist, the wife of a famous Russian singer, died

Natalia and Yaroslav Photo: social network “Natasha is no longer with us. Her heart stopped. ” This post on Yaroslav Sumishevsky’s social networks is literally like a bolt from the blue. The famous singer, his family, friends and fans believed to the last that everything would be okay and Natalya Sumishevskaya would come out of … Read more