Exactas-UNLP – Contributions to improve assisted fertilization

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How Covid is changing the ‘management’ agenda | Opinion

They run the first days of March 2020. The winds of innovation and digital transformation shake the waters in which companies in our country navigate. The mastery with which some management teams sail in these winds is undeniable. Suddenly, in the middle of the month, a tsunami named Covid-19 overwhelms and unravels the already difficult … Read more

“A day at the movies” at the Reina Sofía Theater

Two friends are preparing to enjoy a day at the movies and they do it on the tables of the Reina Sofía theater creating a representation that combines the circus, balances, juggling and gestural language to create a dialogue, fun and entertaining story, all linked with an unstoppable dynamic to focus attention, also combining music … Read more

GREEN against neglect of environmental concerns

The GRÜNEN are not very optimistic about the upcoming session of the St. Gallen Cantonal Council. The motions of the preliminary advisory commissions suggest that environmental demands will not be heard by the right-wing majority in the Council. At the February session of the St. Gallen Cantonal Council, the counter-proposal to the animal suffering initiative, … Read more

Corona outbreak in the Flawil school building in Feld

Distance learning was arranged for all classes in the school building field. 177 people were tested after a corona outbreak. The result was positive for 26 students and 1 employee. An outbreak test took place in the Feld school building last Wednesday, February 3, 2021. On the basis of the results now available and after … Read more

Contemporarte, concerts or new comic and film schools, in the winter cultural agenda of the UHU | Huelva24

A programming of course adapted to the current circumstances, and which includes the widest dissemination ever made in Huelva of the international exhibition Contemporarte, the continuation of the Cultural Presences, new courses in the Training Schools or the concerts of the Cantero Rock cycle. This presentation was held in the hall of the José Isidoro … Read more

KV4.0 pioneers in Malta for “live, learn, work”

The practical year of the KV 4.0 The practical year consists of 4 modules: • Change of page Looking beyond one’s own nose opens up new horizons. KV4.0 learners should get an insight into other companies during their training. The temporary change to an unknown industry or even another profession makes it possible to get … Read more

Trouvaillen from Kurt Martis Schublade

Birthday – Today, January 31, 2021, the Bernese theologian and poet Kurt Marti would have been 100 years old. To mark the occasion, two volumes from the estate have been published with “Der Alphornpalast” and “Hannis Äpfel”. A reason to celebrate – and reflect. “With you, I was happy to be me. / But now … Read more

UN Secretary General announced the worst economic crisis in 100 years due to COVID :: Society :: RBC

The economic crisis that has erupted due to the pandemic is the worst in the last century, says Antonio Guterres. He recalled the inequality between people, exacerbated by the pandemic, job losses and climate instability Фото: Matthias Rietschel / Reuters The coronavirus pandemic has led to the worst economic crisis in a century, UN Secretary-General … Read more