The hostess was walking in the park and saw a snowman swinging her dog in her arms. No magic – the dog created an illusion

A resident of England was about to leave the park and saw her dog grabbed by a snowman. He threw the dog into the air and caught it with his hand, but it seemed so only at first glance. It is worth watching the video taken by the owner of the animal a little longer, … Read more

The hostess woke up from a champ, and turning on the light, she almost fell. The dog turned red and the second was eating the evidence

A resident of the United States woke up in the middle of the night and found a bloody mess in the spirit of Tarantino, in the center of which was her dog. Seeing the bloody animal, the mistress was horrified until she noticed an accomplice in the crime, eating up the evidence of an unsuccessful … Read more

concerts and performances for Tula on vacation

What concerts and performances await Tula residents this weekend Photo: Alexey Fokin In the Tula Regional Philharmonic on January 2, 4, 5 and 6 – a children’s musical performance “The Wizards of the Emerald City”, January 6 – a concert program “Bach by candlelight-II”, January 7 – “The Light of a Wonderful Star”. In the … Read more