Distinguish Symptoms of Corona Virus, Allergies and Covid-19 Vaccines, This is the Character!

Ilustrasi virus corona, covid-19. (Pexels / Nand Anna Nandhu Kumar) Himedik.com – The symptoms of the Covid-19 corona virus, the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine and seasonal allergies both have almost similar symptoms, so that a person will find it more difficult to distinguish the three. Dr Fred Davis, an emergency doctor at Northwell … Read more

BAM – Analytical Sciences – How SAFIA Technologies makes food safer

The SAFIA Technologies team: Ayberk Coşkun, Nick Gundermann, Dr. Timm Schwaar, Dr. Peter Carl (from left to right) What: BAM SAFIA Technologies is a young spin-off from BAM. The team around Timm Schwaar, Peter Carl, Nick Gundermann and Ayberk Coşkun has developed a rapid test that examines food for mold toxins. In an interview, three … Read more

Pollen allergy in dogs? Meller Veterinarian explains which breeds have a tendency to do this

Receives allergy medication: Erna. Christina Wiesmann Melle / Buer. The trees are budding and the pollen is flying: spring is a single horror for many pollen allergy sufferers. What many do not know: An allergy can also cause problems for dogs. Like Erna from Melle, for example. Erna is an English bulldog. And she’s allergic. … Read more

Lin Junyi stepped down from a gasp and coughing and put on an oxygen cylinder to be sent to the doctor | Zhao Yonghua | Huayi debut | Allergies

[Epoch Times News on March 15, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zheng Yifen reported from Taipei, Taiwan) Lin Junyi and Zhao Yonghua rehearsed for the “Huayi Debut” concert on the 15th, frankly confessing that the air pollution has been too serious recently, and the two have frequent rashes and tears , So the concert will not have … Read more

“Cat hair allergy” symptoms, causes, symptoms and methods of prevention

Cat hair allergies are caused by allergens that come from the cat’s saliva and skin. Which, when inhaled such substances, may cause an allergic reaction And the allergen particles can get stuck on clothes. This may be the reason why people who do not have cats may also have cat hair allergies. Symptoms of cat … Read more

4 types of fruit that can trigger allergies, tomatoes are one of them

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Allergies are one of the digestive disorders. Food allergies are the body’s response to certain foods. Fruit allergies, as well as food allergies to nuts or milk. Fruit allergy only occurs in a few fruits that contain certain types of protein. Allergies of this type are included in the category of oral … Read more