Is there a golden jackal in the Oberallgäu? – That is known – news from the Allgäu

Riders believe that they have seen a golden jackal near Waltenhofen-Rieggis. The hunter has set up photo traps. The animal is harmless to humans. Michael Munkler 04/08/2021 | Stand: 8:10 a.m. It would almost be a small wild biological sensation: A golden jackal may be near the village of Rieggis in the Oberallgäu, which belongs … Read more

Corona makes it possible: A music scholarship in India – news from the Allgäu

The Allgäu drummer Magnus Dauner uses the cultural standstill in his homeland to continue a very special rhythm project in India. Michael Dumler 03/27/2021 | Stand: 11:30 a.m. Everyone would like a workplace like this: the laptop on a shady terrace with a view of the sea and a sunny sandy beach. The drummer Magnus … Read more

Orchestral concerts in the basilica: The program is set – but tickets are not yet available – news from the Allgäu

Because of Corona, it is still uncertain whether the top-class orchestras can perform in the Ottobeuren basilica – and if so, in front of how many listeners. Brigitte Hefele-Beitlich 02/21/2021 | Status: 07:00 a.m. “Subject to change”: This year no organizer can avoid this addition. It is also in the program for the Ottobeurer concerts, … Read more

“The animal is still there after the pandemic” – news from the Allgäu

The people of Allgäu are also getting more and more pets in the corona pandemic. Who is buying animals right now? And what does a dog trainer advise interested parties? Lea Binzer 02/16/2021 | Stand: 9:37 pm Already in a text by the Dutch scholar Erasmus von Rotterdam from 1518 there is the statement that … Read more

Festivals 2021: Concerts and appearances in the Allgäu despite Corona? – News from the Allgäu

Culture in the Allgäu: which concerts, festivals and readings can take place in 2021 despite Corona. An overview from the Kempten Jazz Spring to Memminger Meile. 01/17/2021 | Status: 09:37 a.m. Will there be festivals in the Allgäu in spring and summer 2021? And if so: will you go on the stages regularly or in … Read more