The parallel count: IMRO is on the brink, Bozhkov almost equalized the voivodes | News from Bulgaria and the World

IMRO is on the verge of The 4% barrier to entering parliament, according to a parallel census of four polling agencies. There is another surprise – the party of Vasil Bozhkov – BNO, is 2.9-3.3% and is just below the IMRO. The results of the parallel census of 95% of Gallup International: GERB-SDS – 25.2% … Read more

More than 120,000 households pay (unknowingly) for pirated television

Between 120,000 and 314,000 Bulgarian households use pay-TV from an illegal provider, according to a nationally representative survey by Alpha Research. It was commissioned by the Branch Association of Bulgarian Telecommunications Operators (BABTO) and was held from November to December 2020. It turns out that 66% of the Bulgarian TV market is formed by the … Read more

Alpha Research: 400,000 still hesitant about which party to support in the vote | News from Bulgaria and the World

15.3%, or nearly 400,000 of those who said they would vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections on April 4, are still hesitant about which party to support. This is shown by the latest data from a survey conducted by the sociological agency Alpha Research, presented by sociologist Boryana Dimitrova to bTV. According to her, the … Read more

Sociologists do not see Bulgaria on the verge of a radical political change

And sociologists from Alpha Research are expecting a parliament with the presence of 5-6 to 7 parties. “We are waiting a colorful and fragmented parliament, which raises all the questions, “said sociologist Boryana Dimitrova in the BNT studio however, it does not support the thesis that Bulgaria is facing a cardinal, political change in these … Read more