Souta Fujii, Bill Gates, Beyonce … Will Alternative Education Permeate in Japan | Feast in the Well Hiroki Muto | Diamond Online

Photo is an image Photo: PIXTA “Alternative education” known as Montessori education is gradually spreading in Japan. While it is supported by the term “education method based on an approach completely different from the conventional education method,” many people are still skeptical. How should parents identify the advantages and disadvantages? The author, who is also … Read more

Will bitcoin be an alternative to gold as a safe haven from inflation?

In recent times it has emerged the debate in the markets about which are the safe haven assets to take more into account in the face of potential inflation that may be on the way. Especially in the United States. This scheme has caused the cryptocurrency market to explode, with the bitcoin as the main … Read more

On Defender of the Fatherland Day, Lipetsk will host online promotions and concerts

Lipetsk residents will celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day online A photo: Julia KLYUEVA This year, on February 23 in Lipetsk, there will be no mass events due to the coronavirus. An alternative to the festive program is promotions in social networks. Under the hashtag #ProtectVeterans, 4 online events are planned at once. This was … Read more

The couple is building a tiny house near Brno. We will be content with little, but it may end in fiasco, he claims

Dressed in several layers, Anna and Ondřej build their own house outside in the cold. With the first wave of the pandemic, their dream job in Burma fell and they spent the spring instead of Asia in a cottage in the Highlands. Surrounded by nature and supplied with water from a well, they decided to … Read more

Tourists will be refunded for canceled concerts and banquets in Turkish hotels

Tourists will be refunded for canceled concerts and banquets in Turkish hotels Photo: Ivan MAKEEV Many tourists who planned to go to Turkey for the New Year holidays are forced to abandon their plans. The situation with the incidence of coronavirus in the country is aggravated and the authorities decided to introduce restrictions from January … Read more