Easter concert, solidarity with Mastella from the popular federation of Christian Democrats

The popular federation of Christian Democrats intervenes in the controversy that these days is animating the political debate regarding the “Easter concerts”. In a note, the federation – through Commissioner Giseldo Rossi – “expresses the utmost solidarity and closeness to the organizers of the event, to the various institutional representatives involved, to all the police … Read more

The Gulf Stream cools, now northern Europe risks frost

AGI – “Circulation in the Atlantic Ocean, at the base of the Gulf Stream (the meteorological system that brings a warm and mild climate to Europe) is at its weakest level considering the last millennium. Climate change is the main cause of this. probable. This is what was reported by a recent study which saw … Read more

The IES Barain receives a European grant to improve the environment

Photograph from last January, in which IES Barain students pose for the Erasmus + school calendar. Photos: provided The IES Barain receives a European grant aimed at improving the environment and educating its students to contribute to a climate-neutral Europe through climate action. El IES Barañáin has started the Erasmus + project for the 2020-2021 … Read more

Anthropocene: before and after the passage of man

Anthropocene: before and after the passage of man. 10 Photos. Fernando Moleres has been carrying out his project ‘Anthropocene’ since 2014, with which he ….

Colfuturo call for postgraduate programs will be open until March 1

Juan Francisco Campuzano Vélez – [email protected] The Colfuturo Scholarship Credit program of 2021 will close its registrations to study a postgraduate degree abroad on March 1. On May 13, the selected ones will be known. The program finances postgraduate and doctoral studies in some of the best universities in the world under a scheme that … Read more

Economics of happiness and well-being

This week I came across a book in which I asked if money gives happiness ?. There I found a quote from Henry Ford, an American businessman, in which he said “It is not the businessman who pays the salaries. Entrepreneurs just hand over money. It is the client who pays the salaries ”. This … Read more

The 6 Best Dog Poop Bags – All 5-Star & Thousands of Amazon Ratings | Showcase

All people who have taken care of a domestic animal, especially in the case of dogs, know that they cannot leave the house at the time of the walk without being well equipped. The treats, the strap, the small bottle for water and a long etcetera are an essential part of the kit. However, there … Read more

This improves well-being by purifying the air in our surroundings

According to an estimate by the World Health Organization, we spend on average 90% of our time indoors, whether they are offices, places of leisure or our own home. In addition to this data, in recent months the number of people who resort to teleworking has increased considerably, reaching 34% of all workers in Spain … Read more