A-mei was blasted to return to “absolutely impossible” to run as a legislator agent | Zhang Huimei |

[Epoch Times, January 18, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen comprehensive report) “Amei” Zhang Huimei recently sang for free in Taitung New Year’s Eve, attracting tens of thousands of people to join the show, an unprecedented grand occasion. After a lapse of half a month, some people broke the news in the community that A Mei … Read more

In the special training session, Wei Ruxuan was invited to help the boss Amei on stage to cause commotion | Jinqu newcomers | Prerequisite for marriage | Zhang Huimei

[Epoch Times January 17, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) “Gold Melody 31” Best Newcomer Training will hold his first special “Marriage as a Prerequisite” concert on the 16th. Guests invite singer Chun Yan With Wei Ruxuan (waa) as the most unexpected thing, the boss Zhang Huimei appeared on stage at the end of … Read more

Amei’s new single unveiled Taitung New Year’s Eve concert over 70,000 people registered | aMEI | Zhang Huimei

[Epoch Times December 31, 2020](Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen comprehensive report) A-mei (aMEI, Zhang Huimei) will not only return to her hometown to sing “free” in Taitung on the last day of 2020, today (31) The latest single “Slowly” will be released at 0:00 am on the morning of the day, and the lyrics version … Read more

Taiwan presents local cases Mayday and Amei’s New Year’s Eve concert using joint system | New Year’s Eve concert | Epoch Times

[Epoch Times December 23, 2020](Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen comprehensive report) Taiwan’s local case of the Chinese Communist Party virus (Wuhan pneumonia) occurred on the 22nd, causing major counties and cities to be affected by the New Year’s Eve and concerts, especially in Beijing. The band starting on Friday (25th) Mayday, and next week’s Zhang … Read more