cupcake cones with white chocolate

With very simple ingredients you can make great desserts, like these muffin cones that you can fill with chocolate syrup (as in this recipe), or with whatever you want, the imagination is free and the tastes too. These are some ideas: caramel syrup, strawberry syrup … or better to get drunk with whiskey, pomace, coffee … Read more

Superweapon test. What Russia is doing in the Arctic

Situation in the Arctic Russia is testing the latest weapons in the Arctic, according to the American CNN, citing images from space. The fact that the Arctic will become the theater of the future world war has been said for several years. The struggle to turn the region into their sphere of influence is being … Read more

Epidemiologist announced the fourth wave of COVID-19 in the USA :: Society :: RBC

According to him, now the United States is “in a sense, almost in a new pandemic”, as several new varieties of coronavirus have appeared in the country in recent months. Фото: Bing Guan / Reuters The United States is already experiencing the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic. This opinion was expressed by the epidemiologist, … Read more

Iran calls condition for US on nuclear deal

Tehran does not intend to take steps towards Washington until all American sanctions are completely lifted. Iran has no plans to negotiate directly or indirectly with the United States at a meeting in Vienna on April 6, which will discuss a return to compliance with the terms of the nuclear deal, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister … Read more

Chocolate peanut butter cookies: the ultimate recipe

Yes, we love chocolate … that’s why every time we can we bring you a recipe that contains that ingredient (if you have not yet tried our recipe for chocolate cake or the ‘brownie’ that you can make in 10 minutes, we recommend it ). Of course, peanut butter cookies are among our favorites (after … Read more

The economist named the main consequence of the US sanctions for the United States :: Politics :: RBC

US Secretary of State reminded Germany of sanctions for Nord Stream 2 In Russia, they consider it necessary to move away from the use of the dollar. In 2019, the director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergei Naryshkin, called the dollar an anachronism of the modern world economy. He considered it “abnormal” the … Read more

NYT learned about the plan of Biden’s team to support the economy for $ 3 trillion :: Politics :: RBC

The measures are also aimed at tackling economic inequality and climate change, according to the newspaper. White House spokesman Jen Psaki, in response to the article, said that “speculation” on this topic was inappropriate. Joe Biden (Photo: AP) US President Joe Biden’s advisers are developing a new $ 3 trillion economic bailout package, sources told … Read more

China advised the United States to pursue its democracy :: Politics :: RBC

Blinken and Sullivan also criticized China for its crackdown on protests in Hong Kong and for cyberattacks on the United States. “Each of these actions threatens the rules-based order that maintains global stability,” the secretary of state said. Read on RBC Pro The second day of negotiations did not bring any results, it follows from … Read more

Reuters reported on the humanitarian crisis on the border of the United States and Mexico :: Society :: RBC

Gloria Chavez, head of the border control point in El Paso, said that the US’s priority goal is to send illegal families back to Mexico. However, the country has established daily quotas for receiving deportees, so many families are sent to shelters. According to The New York Times, the number of migrants arriving in small … Read more