U.S. Secretary of State accuses China of “need to unravel the truth” of new corona origin | Reuters

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken worsened the situation unnecessarily on the 11th, when China did not allow an on-site investigation of international public health experts in the early stages of a pandemic of the new coronavirus infection. He pointed out that it was made, and expressed the recognition that “clarification of the truth” regarding … Read more

Broken sewage tank threatens Florida with environmental disaster

Published on : 05/04/2021 – 10:10 In Tampa Bay, Florida, a ruptured tank containing a sewage tank, located in a former fertilizer plant, could cause catastrophic flooding and significant environmental damage. Pumping operations are in progress to reduce the pressure in the reservoir. Florida is on the brink of ecological disaster. The governor of this … Read more

the damning testimony of the head of the homicide division of the police

Published on : 03/04/2021 – 07:41 On the fifth day of Derek Chauvin’s trial, the wall of silence within the police seemed to be breaking. Two brigade leaders have already testified against their former colleague to denounce his use of force against George Floyd. With our correspondent in San Francisco, Eric de Salve Chief of … Read more

Massive Stock Sale on Wall Street Thrills Global Finance

After warning of upcoming losses, Credit Suisse slumped 13.83% to 10.74 Swiss francs in Zurich while Japanese bank Nomura closed the session down 16.33% to 603 yen in Tokyo . Losses for other major banks around the world were ultimately more limited. On Friday, shares held by Archegos, which manages the fortune of businessman Bill … Read more

Corona infects humans from bats through another animal-WHO, China = AP | Reuters

The Associated Press reported on the 29th that the World Health Organization (WHO) and China are most likely to have transmitted the new coronavirus from bats to humans via another animal regarding the origin of the new coronavirus. We have summarized the results of a joint survey that “it is extremely unlikely” that leaked from … Read more

to the Ayoreo people of Paraguay, the tribute of the director Arami Ullón

Published on : 27/03/2021 – 05:50 The documentary by Paraguayan director Arami Ullón, Just the sun, is in the competition of the Rencontres du cinema latino de Toulouse. Paraguay is a rare country in the cinema, and its original peoples even more. All the more reason to approach a threatened culture, that of the Ayoreos, … Read more

Obligation to return to work and travel vaccination, 60% of rice support = Survey | Reuters

According to a survey released by Reuters and Ipsos on the 12th, more than half of Americans want to get the new coronavirus vaccine. Inoculation in West Virginia, taken on the 11th. (2021 Reuters / Kevin Lamarque) [New York, 12th Reuters]–According to a survey released by Reuters and Ipsos on the 12th, more than half … Read more

IOC is not a “super-world government”, limits to dealing with China’s problems and Chairman Bach | Reuters

Bach, chairman of the International Olympic Committee (pictured), said on the 12th that China would deal with the crackdown on Tibet and Uighurs, but said that the IOC was not a “super-world government” and that there was a limit to how it could be dealt with. Emphasized. The photo was taken in Lausanne, Switzerland on … Read more

Joe Biden calls on all Americans to participate in the vaccination campaign

Published on : 12/03/2021 – 03:57 Joe Biden announces that at the end of May there will be enough doses of vaccines for all American adults. In his first solemn address to the nation since taking office, the US president said he wanted to exceed two million vaccinations per day. And compared this campaign to … Read more

overwhelmed, Brazil breaks 24-hour death record

Published on : 10/03/2021 – 07:55 Brazil recorded a record death toll on Tuesday with 1,972 people dead from Covid-19, as the pandemic continues to grow and hospital services are overwhelmed. Vaccination, on the other hand, is progressing slowly. 8.6 million people have received a first dose to date. A sad record in Brazil: 1,972 … Read more