“In this society we grow as workers instead of citizens”

It’s been a year since our lives have taken a radical turn. I have to admit that what looked like a great opportunity that life gave us to reflect and rebuild ourselves as a society it has remained in mere illusion. Seeing how everything has been happening, it can be concluded that we are rotten … Read more

“Let justice act against animal abuse”

I have always considered AlmogĂ­a (Malaga) a quiet town of great beauty. However, this wonderful place located in the Malaga mountains has recently been the protagonist of an event that has shocked deeply. According to various publications, two people have been arrested for the alleged crime of animal abuse with the aggravations of cruelty and … Read more

“On freedoms and the importance of reflection and education”

As a kid I often heard that “don’t put the cart before the oxen.” Now in our society, less agricultural, we have forgotten that. We talk a lot about the right to freedom of expression, but we do not say, and above all we do not practice before, the duty of reflection and the I … Read more

“Politics is the soul of education, said Paulo Freire”

The importance of having awareness it doesn’t always coincide with the right thing. The worst thing is that there are people who do not know what it is sensible. January 24 was International Education Day. The education is an activity of multiple sciences: human, social, physical, environmental, technological and cultural that accompany the human development. … Read more