In 2022, night trains to link Brussels to Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague

The travelers will embark in the early evening in Brussels, arriving the following morning in the Czech capital. AT From spring 2022, a new night train should link Brussels to Prague via Amsterdam, Berlin and Dresden. Travelers will embark in the early evening in Brussels, to arrive the following morning in the Czech capital, the … Read more

Reopening trials in the Netherlands, but experts against it – Europe

An experiment aimed at reopening discos and concert halls in a controlled manner after a year of closure due to a pandemic continued last weekend in the Netherlands, while the government is considering a shortening of the curfew in the hope of reopening more decisively to travel around May or June. The local press reports, … Read more

Footballer Voňková announced a joyful news, she and her partner are expecting a child

Congratulations just flock. Czech football striker Ajax Amsterdam Lucie Voňková and her Dutch partner Claudia Voňková announced a happy news, together they are expecting the birth of their first child. The couple informed about it via the social network Instagram. Partners Lucie Voňková (left) and Claudia Voňková in the wedding photo. Source: Instagram @ claudiavonkova85 … Read more

In Amsterdam, a concert to test the post-Covid

They are celebrating, yes, but as part of a very specific post-Covid experience. How to get together in large numbers and in complete safety? The initiative of the Dutch government and the event industry made 1300 people happy. In this Amsterdam concert hall, revelers are divided into groups of 250 with different rules. For example, … Read more

Holland: explosive device explodes in front of the corona test center

BAn explosive device exploded at a corona test center in Bovenkarspel, North Holland. People were not harmed, as the police announced on Wednesday. The authority assumes a targeted action, as a spokesman said. The test center is located in a small town around 50 kilometers north of Amsterdam and had to close for the time … Read more

Illegal But Tolerated: The Dutch Dilemma About Cannabis (Video)

In the 1990s, the Netherlands chose to adopt a policy of tolerance on the use of cannabis, with the aim of protecting the health of consumers. In the country the substance is illegal, but consumption is decriminalized and the sale is only allowed in coffee shops, thanks to a regulatory “gray zone”. These stores are … Read more

The London Stock Exchange dethroned by Amsterdam

City denounce EU tactics to weaken its dominance. It is a revenge of history. Founded in 1602, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the oldest modern financial center. In January 2021, it again became the first in Europe, overtaking that of London thanks to Brexit. It recorded 9.2 billion euros in stock exchanges per day, against … Read more