Schoolchildren from the Amur Region have become more active in participating in the Olympiads thanks to scholarships

According to Governor Vasily Orlov, one of the goals pursued when approving the scholarships has been achieved. This year, 200 more pupils will receive nominal gubernatorial scholarships based on the results of the municipal and regional stages of the All-Russian Olympiad than in 2020. Last year, about a thousand people received payments. The scholarship is … Read more

Horoscope for April 6: Lions will stop tolerating boors, and Aquarius will continue their education

Important events since Sheep happen spontaneously. You try to cope with every challenge. It is possible that your work will be used as an example. Taurus will get what they have been going for several years. During this time, you have repeatedly faced obstacles from competitors. But now rub your nose. WITH Twins a story … Read more