Suzu Hirose and Sho Sakurai Introducing the cover shot anan2245 “Recipes good for the body” | anan News – Magazine House

It is a special gravure shot with the elaborate shooting set of the drama “Nemesis”. Suzu Hirose and Sho Sakurai appeared on the cover of this issue! They both decorated the cover of anan during the busy schedule when the shooting of the Sunday drama “Nemesis” started. .. By the way, did anyone who has … Read more

Gekidan Hitori x Noritoshi Furuichi Picture book “♪ Ping Pong Pan Pump” reveals the inside story | anan News-Magazine House

The aim is to create a series of picture books and “Lovely Land”! Gekidan Hitori (hereinafter referred to as the play):During the self-restraint period, I bought a 3D printer, made a logo and mug of Mr. Nakai’s company “Relaxing Nakai” without permission, and introduced it in the program in the first place. At that time, … Read more