when and where it will take place, the program of the International Music Festival

The International Jazz Spring Festival in Samara in 2021 will gather musicians in our city for the tenth time. The jubilee jazz gathering starts on March 1 and will last for three days. The concerts will be held at three city venues: the opening of the festival and final performances will take place at the … Read more

concerts, circus, fights without rules

. A photo: Tatiana PODYABLONSKAYA STORY ABOUT CAPTAIN GATTERAS On February 19, the Voronezh Concert Hall will host a concert program as part of subscription number 3. The famous artist Grigory Siyatvinda will come on tour. The actor will read “The Story of Captain Hatteras, Mitya Strelnikov, the Bully Vaska Taburetkin and the Evil Cat … Read more

The poor artists were offered to be buried in Mytishchi and to organize concerts at the churchyard

During the funeral of producer Tima Brick at the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery. A photo: Evgeniya GUSEVA Musician and showman Stas Baretsky suggested opening a cemetery for celebrities in Mytishchi. The reason for this initiative of the artist was the recent funeral of the star of the TV series “Trace” Oleg Valkman. As the singer noted, “there … Read more

What have we found after losing our Soviet education?

The current education system is largely the heir to the same Soviet system. Photo: Alexey BULATOV This book began with a call from Serega from Samara to the Parental Question program, which for many years I have been conducting at the Radio KP radio station: – Give us back the Soviet education, and everything will … Read more

Andrey Chorbanov: Collective immunity is already working

prof. Andrey Chorbanov Source bgnes Collective immunity is already starting to work … Over 50% of people will not react to the virus because they have immunity from previous encounters with coronaviruses … We see countries with drastic measures where the situation is not better. There is much debate about how effective the measures are. … Read more

Comedian Slava Komissarenko will not perform at home because of jokes about events in Belarus? We remember how Mikhalka, Volsky, “Splin” and Face were forbidden

Slava Komissarenko has been a permanent resident of the Stand Up project on TNT channel since 2012. Photo VK The famous stand-up comedian Slava Komissarenko was banned from performing in his native Minsk. His performances were scheduled for April 10 and 11 (this is the postponement of his November concerts, which did not take place … Read more