They confirm the presence in Argentina of the dangerous Amazon variant

The national surveillance system for SARS-Cov-2 variants determined the presence of “three variants of worldwide epidemiological interest in our country.” Among them is the Amazon, also known as Manaus, which would be especially virulent and to which the second wave of infections that Brazil is currently experiencing is attributed. The detections were made on a … Read more

Red Bull’s recipe to beat Mercedes

English Christian Horner, Team Principal of the team Red Bull, made it clear that they will need both the Dutch Max Verstappen like the mexican Sergio perez be “ahead” at the World Cup Grand Prix Formula 1 from 2021 to so “Have a chance” to pressure Mercedes. In addition, he pointed out that the Aztec … Read more

Bird droppings: the infallible fertilizer in the middle of the desert

Long before the arrival of the Incas, there were agricultural communities that thrived in the Atacama Desert, one of the driest areas in the world. How did they manage to grow crops in a place where it rains once every several years and without the development of complex Inca irrigation systems? Using seabird droppings as … Read more

Argentina: They find the tail of a giant armadillo from 700,000 years ago | Paleontological Museum of San Pedro | nczg | WORLD

The Paleontological Museum of San Pedro, located in the province of Buenos Aires, has a new piece of great historical value: a fossilized tail of a giant armadillo that lived at the end of the Ensenada age, more than 700,000 years ago. The discovery occurred when the operator Fausto Capre was excavating with his machine … Read more

Maduro’s regime announces another flight for Venezuelans in Peru for March

Nicolás Maduro’s regime announced on Friday, February 26, that next month there will be new flights from the government Return to the Homeland Plan in the direction of several countries in the region, including Peru. “For the next few days they will make flights to Ecuador, Chile, Peru and Argentina”, affirmed the vice minister for … Read more

Presidents of Argentina and Mexico advocate so that no country in Latin America is left without vaccines | International

Esteban Collazo | France Media Agency visits The governments of Mexico and Argentina called on Wednesday that no country in Latin America be left without access to vaccines against covid-19, in a joint statement issued after the visit of the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández. “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of keeping Latin America … Read more

Ministry of Health Entre Ríos authorizes Rodríguez Lastra to practice medicine

The Ministry of Health of Entre Ríos (Argentina) authorized gynecologist Leandro Rodríguez Lastra to return to practice his profession privately, nullifying the precautionary measure that had sanctioned him for not having performed an abortion in 2017. In November 2020, the Entre Ríos Ministry of Health disabled the registration of the doctor who, by that time, … Read more

Argentina: “Let’s end the clowning,” says president over vaccine scandal

President Alberto Fernandez of Argentina said Tuesday that there is no crime to prosecute in the scandal for the irregular vaccination against COVID-19 70 people, including politicians, and he called “clowning” the complaints that have been filed. Fernández, who is in Mexico on an official visit and participated in the morning conference of the Mexican … Read more