Why do dogs lick the face and feet of their owners (And 11 more behavioral features of our pets)

Dogs are not the FAR relatives of wolves, but the NEAREST! This is even evident from the Latin name Canis lupus familiaris (whereas the wolf is Canis lupus). The dog is a subspecies of the wolf, they easily interbreed with each other and give fertile offspring.Shaking a toy, the dog “kills” it, shaking small prey … Read more

Monserrat Ortega, filmmaker who seeks to cultivate art cinema

Cinema is a art at its finest that seeks among other things to sensitize the viewer, since it combines literature, dance and music to create a complete audiovisual product. That’s what Monserrat Ortega thinks, an enthusiastic and brilliant Mexican citizen, a first-generation graduate in Film Studies from UAEM. Without a doubt, for this young woman, … Read more

Talking Heads Concert Movie “STOP MAKING SENSE” 1 Week Limited Screening –Music News: CINRA.NET

The movie “STOP MAKING SENSE” will be screened for a week at Cine Quint in Shibuya, Tokyo from April 30th. Released in 1984, “STOP MAKING SENSE” is a concert film containing a number of Talking Heads songs from three live performances in Los Angeles in 1983. Band members include David Byrne, Tina Weirmouth, Chris Frantz, … Read more