Why do dogs lick the face and feet of their owners (And 11 more behavioral features of our pets)

Dogs are not the FAR relatives of wolves, but the NEAREST! This is even evident from the Latin name Canis lupus familiaris (whereas the wolf is Canis lupus). The dog is a subspecies of the wolf, they easily interbreed with each other and give fertile offspring.Shaking a toy, the dog “kills” it, shaking small prey … Read more

Will Smith refuses to shoot a movie in Georgia

Will Smith rejected the project of a film to be made in the State of Georgia, since the actor and producer rejects the new state Electoral Law that was approved, and that restricts the right to vote. Smith stated: “In conscience we cannot financially support a government that enacts regressive voting laws, which are designed … Read more

Ticino 24 – All the news from Italy for the Canton of Ticino – Stresa Festival: nature, great guests, anniversaries and news

STRESA – 6.04.2021 – Trees are the symbol of the sixtieth Stresa Festival, scheduled – without prejudice to the unpredictability of current times – from July to September.To choose silence and nature as the leitmotif of the next edition is the new artistic director Mario Brunello, which has taken the place it has been long … Read more

Spring starts with music! The Concert Association will host concerts of our collectives and chamber music stars »News on Verstov.Info

We invite the townspeople on April 2 to the hall of the Magnitogorsk State Conservatory (Gryaznova str., 22) at 18:30 for the anniversary concert of the Kalinushka orchestra of Russian folk instruments named after P. A. Tsokalo. “It was recently, it was long ago …” – a concert dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the … Read more

“Dog in the Manger” – a comedy “cloak and sword” is staged at the Primorsky Theater. Gorky »Vladivostok and Primorsky Krai News

The cloak and sword comedy is staged at the Gorky Academic Theater. Returning from a big tour, the artists again plunged into rehearsals of the famous play “Dog in the Manger”. According to the director’s idea, the plot of the Spanish playwright Lope de Vega was transferred from the 17th century to the 20th. The … Read more

Bridge scholarships are launched

Culture by Ilse Romahn (24.03.2021) Kulturpaket II supports artists in continuing their work in the corona pandemic. The state of Hesse has been awarding bridge scholarships to enable artists to continue their work in the corona pandemic. They are intended to build a financial bridge for those involved in the arts and crafts into the … Read more

His art alerted the US security authorities

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AbaConcerts brings musicians together with their audience in Corona times

Live concerts have not been possible for months, the Swiss music scene is down – Elizabeth Escamilla brings artists to the stage and concerts home. The Covid pandemic has robbed countless musicians of the opportunity to perform live. If the first wave of the pandemic was still manageable, the second wave leaves gaps that threaten … Read more