Rockers played enough in Tambov – Kommersant Voronezh

The three-day open-air rock festival Chernozem, which has been held near Tambov since 2015, after moving to Voronezh and passing under the control of the Hamina Group of Companies, intends to increase the budget and audience. The estimate for the open-air in 2021 is about 100 million rubles. instead of 50 million rubles. last year, … Read more

The concerts of the Factory move to the auditorium of the Municipal House of Culture

The box office of the Municipal House of Culture will open today, starting at eleven in the morning, the advance sale for the four concerts of the ‘Factoría Sound’ that will be held between March and May. Tickets are sold at a single price of ten euros and can also be purchased through the usual … Read more

New conductor for the “Ignition” series

February 26, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. Paid content: New conductor for the “Ignition” series : “Ignition” has a new conductor Gordon Hamilton – here at the concert with the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra – shows no fear of contact with modern technology. Photo: Tonhalle / Diesner Düsseldorf The Australian composer and conductor Gordon Hamilton mixes the … Read more

The French violinist and conductor David Grimal performs with the OSRM twice: in Murcia and Cartagena

MURCIA. The Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia (OSRM) will offer this week two concerts, in Murcia and Cartagena, with the French musician David Grimal on baton and violin. This is the second time that the musician, known worldwide for his double role as conductor and performer, performs with the regional Symphony. In both … Read more

Holographic Technology Extends Broad Commercial Space_ 东方 Fortune Network

Original title: Broad commercial space for holographic technology extension Hong Kong film and television superstar Andy Lau will perform with Wang Yibo and Guan Xiaotong at the 2021 Chinese New Year Gala, “Null Rise”, which is believed to have left an impression on the audience. Hua Tsai on the stage did not actually appear in … Read more

Setback to Trump: Order to demolish helipad in Mar-a-Lago

Florida, United States. The helipad built in 2017 in Mar-a-Lago, the private club of southern Florida where the former president resides Donald Trump since he left the White House, was already demolished fulfilling a municipal order, local media reported this Wednesday. The municipality of Palm Beach, the island linked to the mainland by bridges where … Read more

Liu Mintao: Middle-aged become popular and take advantage of the trend-Star Impression-Southeast Net

Liu Mintao: middle-aged become popular and take advantage of the trend-Xinhuanet Beijing Evening News (Reporter Qiu Wei) With the role of Jishui Chengyuan and the song “Red High Heels”, Liu Mintao ushered in the mid-life of his acting career, accompanied by controversial sounds. In the urban drama “Positive Youth” broadcast on Dragon TV, Liu Mintao … Read more

“Mister judge, I am not a cat”: lawyer goes viral for reaching a virtual hearing with a tender filter Society

The Presidio County Attorney, United States City, Rod Ponton It went viral after a video was released showing a curious situation while participating in an audience through Zoom. Ponton entered the meeting, however, he had to ask the judge for help because his setup had a white kitty filter that replaced his face on the … Read more

after several days of coma, a photo artist, the wife of a famous Russian singer, died

Natalia and Yaroslav Photo: social network “Natasha is no longer with us. Her heart stopped. ” This post on Yaroslav Sumishevsky’s social networks is literally like a bolt from the blue. The famous singer, his family, friends and fans believed to the last that everything would be okay and Natalya Sumishevskaya would come out of … Read more