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BLACKPINK, the world’s most beautiful girl!The first world tour “BLACKPINK 2019-2020 World Tour in Your Area”Starting in January 2019 on four continents,Sold out 30 shows in 22 cities in 16 countries!The Japanese performance that decorated the last stage of the tour is the first dome tour, in 3 cities nationwideMobilized 200,000 people in 4 performances … Read more

From TWICE Momo to BLACKPINK Rose, the stars who became foster parents of abandoned dogs are one after another … Voices of praise for their actions –Kstyle

Photo = Newsen DB There is a star who presents a new life to animals that were about to die due to human ego. Actors Cho Seung Woo, Lee Ki Woo, TWICE’s Momo, and BLACKPINK’s Rose are the main characters. According to an animal shelter in Goseong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Cho Seung-woo has recently become a foster … Read more

BLACKPINK and the Japanese media are also paying attention! Online concert “THE SHOW” proves worldwide popularity –Kstyle

Photo = BLACKPINK Official Instagram It turned out that BLACKPINK’s first online concert “THE SHOW” sold 19.2% in the United States and recorded the highest audience rating. According to YG ENTERTAINMENT on the 3rd, the country with the highest number of registered members of BLACKPINK’s first live stream concert “YG PALM STAGE-2021 BLACKPINK: THE SHOW” … Read more

“THE SHOW” of “BLACKPINK” sold the most in the US … Great presence in the home of pop │ Korean music K-POP │ wow Kora

“THE SHOW” from “BLACKPINK” sold the most in the US … A huge presence in the home of pop music “THE SHOW” from “BLACKPINK” is the most sold in the US … A huge presence in the home of pop music (Image courtesy of wowkorea) It was confirmed that the first online concert “THE SHOW” … Read more

This was his online concert

Blackpink, integrated to Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa, offered his first concert online And not only did he make all K-pop lovers fall in love with, he exceeded expectations. ‘The Show’ It was scheduled for last December, but it was postponed due to covid-19. The show took place at 2:00 p.m. South Korean time, Sunday, … Read more

BLACKPINK’s first live stream concert “THE SHOW” is a great success! “I’m glad to meet you” for the first performance of Rose’s solo song (general) –Kstyle

While BLACKPINK excited “THE SHOW” with a unique performance, the stage of Rose’s solo song “GONE” was unveiled for the first time. On the afternoon of the 31st, BLACKPINK held their first live stream concert “THE SHOW” on YouTube. “THE SHOW” is BLACKPINK’s first online concert, and has been held for the first time in … Read more

BLACKPINK THE SHOW: they launch drone show to celebrate concert

This January 31, BLACKPINK will have their first online concert on YouTube Music. One of its sponsors prepared a drone show to celebrate South Korean singers on a special day for their musical career. Globe, a company from the Philippines, organized The opening act in the city of Manila. The light show was held on … Read more

BLACKPINK will appear for the second time in the US “The Late Show”! “Pretty Savage” performance debuted –Kstyle

Photo = YG ENTERTAINMENT BLACKPINK unveiled a part of the stage of their first live stream concert “THE SHOW” to be held on the 31st, raising the expectations of fans around the world. BLACKPINK appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” broadcasted on CBS on January 28, and performed their 1st full-length album … Read more