in Chelyabinsk, a dog shot from a gun survived and found a loving family

About 30 bullets were found in the dog’s body. Photo: Dobry Tail clinic More than two weeks ago, Michelle was found dying on the track. Some non-humans used her as a living target. The whole body of the dog was riddled with shot – about 30 bullets in the face, skull, chest, back and other … Read more

Firefighters explain why the land where Tomás’s body was found had not been considered

One of the key teams to find the body of Tomás Bravo was that of Firemen, who together with police personnel they traveled for 9 days the nearly eight kilometers of the terrain that was investigated. About, Ítalo Parietti, leader of the USAR team in Concepción, declared that “the feeling that the whole team has … Read more

Scientists have proven that dogs are aware of the boundaries of their body

Hungarian neuroscientists have proven that dogs can distinguish their bodies from other objects and are aware of its boundaries. Previously, it was believed that only humans, primates and elephants differ in this ability. Scientific Reports. The researchers conducted an experiment in which dog owners participated along with their pets. The animals were asked to sit … Read more

concerts, exhibitions, performances by dog ​​handlers, quests, actions for the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland

February 23 in Irkutsk: concerts, exhibitions, performances by dog ​​handlers, quests, actions for the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland A photo: PYKHALOVA Julia (archive) One of the wonderful holidays is approaching – Defenders of the Fatherland Day! We will rest for three days thanks to the red day of the calendar. We will show … Read more

Pandemic is not over yet, strengthen your body’s immunity with vitamin C prickly in the transition season – There was a beginning, 2021 was the year that the community really hoped for. This is because there are many assumptions about a pandemic that will end soon this year. But in reality, 1 year after the entry of the Corona virus in Indonesia, there are still no signs of an end to … Read more

The cleaning guide for the whole body is rounded for you | Clean | Skin Care | Body_Sina

Article source: Diaoshou Planet WeChat public account Original title: How to clean up and down the whole body! This is a round for you! Author: Dog hit Isn’t it a Chinese New Year right away? Yesterday, the editor and the office ladies discussed the New Year customs in my hometown. They mentioned that before the … Read more

Where to go in Krasnodar at the weekend: poster for February 6-7

Thanks to the relaxation of the high alert regime, residents of the Kuban have more and more options where to spend time and have a good time culturally. We tell you where to go with your family. Favorite voices are no longer online The main creative team of the Krasnodar Territory again gives concerts on … Read more

Signs of Kidney Pain From 3 Points Of The Body, Be Alert If Back Pain Often

RINGTIMES BANYUWANGI – Knowing the various signs of kidney disease from 3 points of the body is important. Many signs of kidney disease are often underestimated because they seem undetectable. Kidney disease can strike at any age, therefore you must understand the known signs of kidney disease from various points of the body. Certain body … Read more