This is what matters when it comes to cleaning

Vinegar instead of detergent If the iron is very calcified, it can lead to expensive repairs. In some cases a new purchase is even necessary. To avoid this, every household should make sure to regularly clean the ironing device and remove limescale. These tips reveal what is important. When is decalcification necessary? In many cases, … Read more

Host Michel Drucker will meet again “Vivement dimanche” on March 28

The television host Michel Drucker will find, at the age of 78 and after a heavy heart operation, his star show “Vivement Dimanche” at the end of March, according to an interview in Le Parisien on Thursday. “Those who do not know the profession say that I come back too soon. I will prove them … Read more

So went his acting debut with “Der Lehrer”

At Lilly Krug’s side Next Thursday (March 4th, 8:15 pm on RTL) the time has come: San Diego Pooth (17), the son of Verona (52) and Franjo Pooth (51), celebrates being in the series “The Teacher” Acting debut. In advance, he spoke to the broadcaster about his experiences on set: “It actually feels like a … Read more

Kim So-yeon Salting Between Real and Fictional Husbands at Penthouse

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Kim So-yeon looks shy to embarrassed in the behind-the-scenes video production The Penthouse 2 because surrounded by the figure of a husband in the real world and drama Korea that. So-yeon’s husband in real life, Lee Sang-woo, appears on the set of The Penthouse 2 to make a cameo appearance. Sang-woo … Read more

Jessie J shows off her new boyfriend

“We thought you deserved better options – and we’ll save you from hiding in cars and bushes,” the musician continues. In addition, Jessie provides photos with her Max on the beach, in the car, at a picnic and a romantic date evening. At the end of the funny post, she also corrected the headline of … Read more

520,000 euros for his legal costs against a tabloid

The editor of the Mail on Sunday, a British tabloid which had published a letter from Meghan Markle to her father, was ordered Tuesday to pay 450,000 pounds (520,000 euros) to the wife of Prince Harry for her legal costs after her recent victory judicial. The 39-year-old American actress won her legal action on February … Read more

“Live Rooms”: Instagram launches new video chat feature

Livestreams Instagram launches “Live Rooms” for up to four participants 3 reasons to take a break from social media What happens to us when we hang out on Instagram & Co. for hours every day? These three warning signs should be taken seriously … show description With the new function, four users can meet on … Read more

In the car she shows courage to honk the horn

Cathy Lugner shows fans her “airbags” Cathy Lugner (31) is not exactly known for keeping behind the mountain with her advantages. The ex of contractor Richard Lugner (88) proves this with numerous snapshots on her Instagram account. But instead of going blank in the photo studio or at home, the 31-year-old decided to say a … Read more

Kourtney Kardashian: the ‘sweet’ response to the hints sent by Travis Barker’s ex | Shanna Moakler | Celebs | United States | nnda | nnni | CELEBRITIES

Since Kourtney Kardashian made official his relationship with drummer Travis Barker, the older sister of the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan has not stopped drawing attention on social networks with his publications full of details towards the member of ‘Blink-182’; However, these seem to have triggered the comments of the ex-partner and mother of her children, Shanna … Read more

Latvian supermodel Ginta Lapiņa announces that she is in her mother’s hopes

Lapiņa, who has signed contracts with many fashion giants during her career, writes next to the photo, which shows with her friend, that the baby is expected in July. “It was so hard to keep it a secret, but we waited and enjoyed the time,” she writes. Both can’t wait to see their baby. Leaflet’s … Read more