The emergence of macro kitchens alarms Barcelona neighborhoods

New spaces with dozens of stoves for rent where dishes are prepared to distribute at home unleash controversy Affected by the projects underway in Les Corts and Sant Martí, they consider that it is an industrial activity and will fill their neighborhoods with delivery men A few years ago, some residents of the Eixample shrewdly … Read more

Denmark will create a ‘crown’ that will allow people to go to restaurants, concerts and travel

Drafting 9/2/2021Comments The Danish authorities have announced the creation of a digital vaccination certificate, starting in the spring, that will allow its citizens to confirm their immune status in order to go to restaurants, attend cultural and sporting events or travel. Acting Danish Finance Minister Morten Bodskov has announced the development of a ‘crown’, a … Read more

Chicken muffin recipe with ‘ratatouille’

Chef Jordi Artal, with two wound dishes from the French guide by Cinc Sentits, teaches the secrets to make this delicious sandwich For the chicken thigh Ingredients for 4 people 500 g boneless chicken thigh 50 g of stale wine Elaboration Clean the thighs to remove tendons, bone debris and cartilage. Salt and pepper and … Read more

Recipe for “Lobster Tartar”

Can you imagine having to prepare a dish without knowing the recipe or the way in which you have to plate it? That is the challenge our young applicants faced at MasterChef Junior. Now you can cook the lobster tartare that Henar prepared, but don’t worry, we leave you next all the ingredients you need, … Read more

Smoked turbot with terrine of roasted leeks, orange reduction and cava foam

TELL ME-UB 28/12/2020Comments Do you want to surprise this New Year’s Eve? Check out the recipe that CETT prepares: smoked turbot with roasted leeks terrine, orange reduction and cava foam. Time: 90min For 5 persons (Smoked turbot) 500g clean turbot 30g sugar 15g sea salt 15g smoked salt Cover the pieces of turbot with the … Read more