The mega-loan with China puts Montenegro in trouble. Which asks for help from the EU

Montenegro is unable to repay a maxi-loan contracted with China. And to avoid a foreclosure from Beijing, he asks the European Union for help. Who, to date, shrugs: “We do not repay debts contracted with third parties,” said a spokesman for the Commission. According to what he says Politico, in 2014, the small country of … Read more

Fukushima: China and South Korea against the release of contaminated water – Politics

(ANSA) – BEIJING, APRIL 13 – China and South Korea have strongly criticized Japan’s plan to release more than one million tons of treated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, damaged by the 2011 earthquake / tusnami, into the ocean Pacific. Tokyo stressed the safety of the operation with the support of the International … Read more

China decrees forced restructuring of Ant, Jack Ma’s financial business

The move involves increased supervision and capital requirements, and requires it to cut ties between its popular payments app Alipay and its other companies, which would lower its profitability and valuation. China imposed a radical restructuring on Ant Group, Jack Ma’s fintech conglomerate whose record $ 37 billion IPO was canceled by regulators in November, … Read more

Comment: Tesla and camera espionage. We don’t shoot anything, the pictures go to ourselves

One month ago, the Chinese government banned Tesla cars from entering military bases and government offices. Built-in cameras that continuously send data to America could reportedly be used for espionage. The reasoning does not inspire confidence, but neither does Elon Musk’s answer. Tesla’s own presentations refute the claim that cars do not collect data in … Read more

Chinese vaccines would barely work, but are being over …

©  AFP Last weekend, head of China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention Gao Fu said the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccines “is not very high” and ways must be found to increase it. Afterwards he indicated that it was a misunderstanding. But what if it really is? “This can lead to problematic situations,” says … Read more

China questions the effectiveness of its own vaccines

At a vaccination center in Beijing on March 23. MARK SCHIEFELBEIN / AP For the first time, a senior Chinese scientist publicly acknowledged on Saturday that Chinese vaccines have relatively low efficacy compared to those made using the messenger RNA process, such as that from Pfizer-BioNTech. This is a rare admission of weakness from a … Read more

“Because you’re handsome with a taxi driver”… A Chinese woman who buried her face in her thighs and raised her feet

Chubby Chinese woman doesn’t pay any bills in the end In China, a female passenger is controversial over a riot in a taxi. Photo = Sichuan Ilbo Weibo capture. [아시아경제 김봉주 기자] In Sichuan, China, a female passenger underage is controversial over a riot in a taxi. The woman bury her face in the taxi … Read more

News of China’s Covid-19 Vaccine Ineffective Called a Total Wrong, This is the Clarification – The director of China’s Center for Disease Control (CDC), Gao Fu, denied the interpretation of the low level of protection for the Covid-19 vaccine. Instead of claiming that the Chinese-made Covid-19 vaccine was less effective, Gao actually wanted to propose a scientific vision to improve the vaccine’s efficacy. On Sunday (11/4/2021), Gao denied … Read more

Alibaba shows ‘gratitude’ for Chinese billion dollar fine

Gratitude and respect. That is what the Chinese online store group Alibaba feels for the Chinese government, which recently fined it about 2.3 billion euros for violations of competition law. Alibaba would not have been able to sustain its growth without proper government regulation and service. The critical oversight, support and approvals of all the … Read more