A two-story mobile home with an elevator is all the rage

Ehe Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition smart vehicle, manufactured by the Chinese company SAIC Motor, has gained popularity in recent days thanks to its particular design. The motorhome has approximately 20 square meters of living space on the ground floor and an additional 12 square meters on a second floor that even has a … Read more

UCES advances with its project to open the medical career in Cañuelas

Authorities of the University of Business and Social Sciences (UCES) visited on Friday the Cuenca Alta Samic Regional Hospital with the purpose of formally presenting your project to open the medical career in the district of Cañuelas. The presentation of the initiative – which was announced in December 2019, shortly before the pandemic – was … Read more

Viral video: gardener dog mows the lawn

MMany men are lazy and have little predisposition for housework and that is why Dillon, the homeowner, decided that all the members of his family assist him and that includes his dog. The subject, whose last name was not revealed, had no better idea than to actually put his pet to work, dressing him in … Read more

The distribution of 150 scholarships for the Vacunate plan generates anger among groups of Cañuelas

A total of 150 cañuelenses -between militants and health personnel- will receive a scholarship of around 30 thousand pesos a month to carry out the plan “Get vaccinated” against Covid-19 in the Cañuelas party. Those 150 scholarship recipients are divided into two large groups: one of 90, which will be dedicated to logistics tasks (cleaning, … Read more

Photos of the new fauna that makes its way in Pamplona

Photos of the new fauna that makes its way in Pamplona. Squirrels, beavers or bats are three examples of animals that are becoming more and more ….

Extra Diary – Former Keylor Navas to Chelsea

sports Thomas Tuchel instead of Frank Lampard London, UK, AFP.- German coach Thomas Tuchel was appointed Chelsea’s new manager to replace Frank Lampard, fired on Monday for the poor results of Atlético de Madrid’s rival in the Champions League round of 16. Tuchel, 47 years old and coach of Paris SG until December 29, arrives … Read more

Diario Extra – Ministry of Health will allow outdoor concerts

Good news for the field of arts and culture. The Ministry of Health will allow outdoor shows, although only at 50% of the capacity and under certain guidelines.“It is allowed to carry out musical activities from one to three live music performers and with an audience present, in outdoor outdoor spaces.Activities may be carried out … Read more

Gastronomy: History and curious facts about the Milanese in Argentina :: EL HERALDO

Due to its delicious flavor and versatility, this recipe became, over time, part of the identity of the country. Although we all know what a Milanese is and most of us have tried it, at least once, few know its origin and history. For this reason, in this note, we review the birth of the … Read more