DISTRICT HORN – Uncertainty is affecting clubs: “Nobody wants rest time”

Jazz club chairman Hannes Fröhlich. Kalchhauser Still waiting and without a clear perspective – it is difficult to plan the program for smaller stages such as the Drosendorf jazz club or the “Kultur im Tonkeller” association in Horn. As the two chairmen Hannes Fröhlich and Emmerich Meixner tell NÖN, it is mainly the lack of … Read more

concerts, circus, fights without rules

. A photo: Tatiana PODYABLONSKAYA STORY ABOUT CAPTAIN GATTERAS On February 19, the Voronezh Concert Hall will host a concert program as part of subscription number 3. The famous artist Grigory Siyatvinda will come on tour. The actor will read “The Story of Captain Hatteras, Mitya Strelnikov, the Bully Vaska Taburetkin and the Evil Cat … Read more

Setback to Trump: Order to demolish helipad in Mar-a-Lago

Florida, United States. The helipad built in 2017 in Mar-a-Lago, the private club of southern Florida where the former president resides Donald Trump since he left the White House, was already demolished fulfilling a municipal order, local media reported this Wednesday. The municipality of Palm Beach, the island linked to the mainland by bridges where … Read more

Butak 21 will resume on Friday the cinema club sessions with the film ‘Desiring to love’

M.F. ZUMARRAGA. Wednesday, 17 February 2021, 00:13 Butak 21 will resume the club cinema sessions on Friday with the film ‘Desiring to love’. Directed by Hong Kong-born Shanghai-born filmmaker Wrong Kar Wai, the film can be enjoyed at the Zelai Arizti aretoa, starting at 7pm. “We return after a brief parenthesis and once the health … Read more

it’s winter, warm up with the Landes garbure recipe! Landes – CAMPING SAINT MARTIN ****

No doubt, winter is here, with a thermometer flush with the daisies. So to warm your heart and stomach, let yourself be convinced by our Landes garbure recipe, a typical dish from the southwest between soup and stew. To your stoves! A traditional dish that makes you love winter! Recipe from the southwest, and more … Read more

Sportbund supports scholarship holder from Wermelskirchen

February 9, 2021 at 5:36 am Paid content: Sportbund supports scholarship holder from Wermelskirchen : “Sport is not a minor matter for me” <!– <!– <!– cara Zollenkopf Photo: private Wermelskirchen The Landessportbund supports Cara Zollenkopf from the ski club as one of 30 NRW scholarship holders. dkocnow? L ailsrasn? iuTagnlf „hIc aheb tfsa hrme … Read more

“Down and Out trouble started”. The store director became the head of the European club of the football player of the Kazakhstan national team – Football

February 7, 2021 (21:57) “Down and Out trouble started”. The store director became the head of the European club of the football player of the Kazakhstan national team Belarusian telegram channel “Khodasevich LIVE” commented on the reshuffle in the “Dinamo-Brest“, Reports Sports.kz. “Andrey Valyushitskiy became the new sports director of Brest“ Dynamo ”. Previously, the … Read more

UCAM Esports, the only professional electronic sports club in the Region

The Catholic University of Murcia began working with electronic sports in 2016 with the launch of a pioneering international chair in this area. As with traditional sport, the University has also arranged a scholarship scheme for these players. An example of this is José Manuel Pardo, a promising young man from the Esports university team, … Read more

Music in Bizkaia: The Bilbaína Jazz Club programs eleven concerts in winter

In these uncertain times, it will thankfully remain on the bill throughout the winter one of the best proposals on the music agenda, the program of the 30th year of the Bilbaína Jazz Club (BJC). Due to the pandemic and the closure of the Conde Duque hotel, its previous headquarters, the BJC moved its reals … Read more

January 8 Pyotr Podgorodetsky will rock the Academ Jazz Club

There is an opinion that the cult song of Podgorodetsky “Here, a new turn” is the best way possible to spend a good evening after a hard day’s work, relax and have a good rest. The hero of Russian blues and rock, Pyotr Podgorodetsky is always ready to add the missing drive and enthusiasm to … Read more