Near Novosibirsk, a dog scratched the eye of a girl who hit her on a sled

The dog hit the schoolgirl in the eye with a paw. A photo: Valery ZVONAREV In the village of Ovchinnikovo, Novosibirsk Region, a dog scratched the face of an 8-year-old girl. The schoolgirl was taken to the regional hospital. Doctors diagnosed the girl with bruises and abrasions on the eyelids and over the right eyebrow. … Read more

100 proposals and recommendations for the exercise of sovereignty of Venezuela in Guayana Esequiba are presented to the AN

The president of the Special Commission for the Defense of the Guayana Esequiba Territory of the National Assembly (AN), Deputy Hermann Escarrá, presented this Tuesday before the plenary of Parliament, 100 proposals and recommendations for the exercise of sovereignty in El Essequibo . From the Federal Legislative Palace, the parliamentarian delivered the formal document to … Read more

Ryan Reynolds is seriously one of my favorite people on twitter. ? m 1 C ‘ It’s cold in Paris, so the …

Ryan Reynolds is seriously one of my favorite people on twitter. ? m 1 C ‘ It’s cold in Paris, so the Eiffel Tower is smaller than normal, but still, … .

Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples Animalista chapter advances towards the consolidation of animal protection policies

From the Casona Cultural Aquiles Nazoa in Caracas, the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples Animalist chapter was held, towards the consolidation of proposals for the protection of all animals and the construction of a peace society, reported this Sunday the president of the Nevado Mission Maigualida Vargas. “We started the work tables with organizations, foundations … Read more

Sahara dust arrives in Venezuela this Sunday :: La Prensa de Lara

THE PRESS OF LARA | Agencies.- The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology He reported that This Sunday comes dust from the Sahara desert. It will be in the country for 96 hours. “It is expected that today in the evening hours and at least during the next 96 hours, slight to moderate concentrations of … Read more

Ciudad Hospitalaria Enrique Tejera in Carabobo immunizes more than 300 people from the health sector with Sputnik V vaccine

The regional director of Health of the Carabobo state, Jonna Steel, reported this Sunday that during the first two days of vaccination against COVID-19 directed at health personnel, more than 300 people have been immunized in the Enrique Tejera Hospital City located in the territorial entity. “2,500 Sputnik V vaccines have arrived between our 2 … Read more

In Novosibirsk, a dog suffocated due to a leash stuck in the elevator door

The owners simply threw the deceased pet at the entrance. Photo: “Incident Novosibirsk” On February 19, a story about the terrible death of a dog that occurred in Novosibirsk appeared on social networks. According to the Siberians, she suffocated in the elevator because of her own collar. – A dog was brought to my wife … Read more

16 years ago, Havana was defunct – Articles – Culture

Master of the word game and guardian of memory, Guillermo Cabrera Infante turned Havana into a metaphor for Cuba Guillermo Cabrera Infante (Gibara, Cuba, April 22, 1929 – London, February 21, 2005) died 16 years ago, in a London hospital in Chelsea due to septicemia: that Monday in February, Havana was deceased. Narrator, journalist, film … Read more

Venezuelan baseball player murdered in San Martín after discussion :: La Prensa de Lara

Agencies | THE PRESS OF LARA.- José Daniel Yajure, a native of Mirimire, municipality of San Francisco del Falcon State, played on Sunday a baseball game, after which his teammates decided to share a few drinks around the stadium located in the Sint Maarten island (Saint Martin). Report the web of Notifalcón that one of … Read more

On the facade of the Ostankino tower showed a portrait of the soloist of the k-pop group BTS :: Society :: RBC

Photo: _lisaaaaa_ji_ / Instagram A campaign with a portrait of the lead singer of the South Korean k-pop group BTS Jung Hoseok on the Ostankino Tower was timed to coincide with his birthday. Known among fans as J-Hope, the artist was born on February 18, 1994. The image of the musician was broadcast on the … Read more