The Mayor of Krasno Selo: Five people have taken BGN 41,000 for the help of adults with covid Society News from Bulgaria and the World

The regional mayor of “Krasno Selo” Rosina Stanislavova and her team of 4 more people under the “Patronage Care” program from May to December received BGN 41,000. This became clear from the words of the regional mayor on BNT, after a scandal broke out yesterday in the Finance Committee of the Sofia Municipal Council, as … Read more

Infamous and out of context, they rate a note against the Bar Association – Local, Police, News about Mexico and the World | The Sun of Orizaba

Orizaba, Ver.- As taken out of context and without intention of attacking or insulting misogyny against workers of the Sixth and Eighth Courts, it is like the lawyer Eduardo Palma Martínez clarified the “misunderstanding” that was made known through a journalistic note in some local media, which according to the litigant was given as a … Read more

Readers’ Complaints: A Forgotten Coconut Milk

Abu and Yoyo release all the steam that has caused them not to find indications and quantities in the recipe for Dal of lentils and coconut with broccoli: “It’s good that they have opened a valve to release that steam that accumulates as we read the recipes or at the time of making them. Reading … Read more

Mundo Vivo denounces a Gozón farmer for animal abuse

Today, the Mundo Vivo organization will file a complaint against a Gozón farmer whom he accuses of animal abuse for having several cows in “deplorable” conditions. It was a neighbor who warned of the situation after meeting last weekend with two specimens dying on the ground and another in the bones. “You can see the … Read more

a participant files a complaint following her arrest

Posted on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 06:54 a.m. By Sudinfo with Belga A participant in the rally “Reclaim The Night” organized by the collective “Feminists Fight Back” Saturday in Saint-Gilles, administratively arrested like twenty other people, filed a complaint, reported La Libre Belgique on Tuesday. The young woman explains that the reasons for her … Read more

They file the complaint of Cs against the former mayor of Lorca Fulgencio Gil for alleged irregularities in the contracts of the fair

The Court of First Instance and Instruction Number 4 of Lorca decreed the dismissal and archive of the case opened by the complaint filed by the former councilor of Cs Antonio Meca against the former mayor of PP Fulgencio Gil alleged irregularities in fair contracts. Gil was investigated for alleged crimes of prevarication, fraud and … Read more

Lawsuit against Piñera is expanded for crimes against humanity after the death of a juggler | National

On behalf of the Chilean Human Rights Commission, its president, lawyer Carlos Margotta Trincado, requested an extension of the lawsuit for crimes against humanity against President Sebastián Piñera. The foregoing based on the recent events that occurred in Panguipulli, specifically the death of juggler Francisco Martínez, who was shot by a carabinero. It should be … Read more

Josimar responds to complaint for leaving luxurious house in deplorable condition

The program Magaly TV, the firm released a public complaint against the salsa singer Josimar Fidel. The owners of a luxurious home in Las Casuarinas accused him of having abandoned the residence in a deplorable state. The report shows images of the pool with green water, the dry garden, the dirty bathrooms and several broken … Read more

They denounce torture and animal abuse in the fracc. Lomas de San Jorge – Local News, Police, about Mexico and the World | The Sun of the Center

A case of animal cruelty has been reported through different media, this event occurred in the Lomas de San Jorge subdivision, where security cameras captured a subject while he nailed a cat to a wooden pole, to use it as a banner. ➡️ RECEIVE THE NEWS DIRECTLY TO YOUR TELEGRAM ACCOUNT, SUBSCRIBE FREE HERE According … Read more

The bitch Luna threatened to starve: Greifswalders saved her

The little Labrador / Wirehaired Pointer Luna was rescued from certain starvation on Friday evening around 9:30 p.m. near Spantekow near Anklam. The Greifswald Animal Rescue Service had received a notice that the dog was living on a farm completely emaciated and was receiving neither water nor food. The whistleblower had also sent a photo. … Read more