Educational managers completed an internship at the Academy of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation

21.02.2021, 17:09 views: 18 Regional, municipal and school managers completed an internship “Management mechanisms for assessing the quality of education” at the Academy of the Ministry of Education of Russia. The event was attended by 857 professionals – representatives of 26 regions of the country: school directors, heads of centers for assessing the quality of … Read more

Of all the arts, cinema is the most important – Newspaper Kommersant No. 18 (6980) from 02/03/2021

The consumption of cultural goods in the Russian Federation increases with the growth of income and professional status, and decreases due to age, deterioration in health and marriage. Cinema is the most popular cultural event, while museums are the least popular. In general, cultural activity in the Russian Federation is determined by the same factors … Read more

Piñera due to EU requirements to export vaccines: “Chile has an advantage in this matter” | National

President Sebastián Piñera offered a press point this afternoon, where he mentioned the priorities that his Government set during the Cabinet Council that took place this Friday in La Moneda. Similarly, he referred to the restrictive measures imposed by the European Union for the export of vaccines (EU). Regarding priorities, Piñera pointed out that it … Read more

How has Chile done in the face of the pandemic? World ranking placed the country in the 10 worst

At 89th out of a total of 98 countries -That is, among the last 10- Chile was placed in a world ranking that evaluates how different governments have done in the face of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. At the opposite extreme, the study carried out by the Australian think tank, Lowy Institute, placed in the … Read more

January 24, Sunday, we will celebrate International Popsicle Day, International Education Day, Compliment Day, Just Do It Day “AstrakhanFM

Sunday is Just Do It Day. If you’ve tinkered with all sorts of household chores, then it’s time to get some rest! “Just do it,” don’t resist your happiness. Education is a human right, public good and public responsibility. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the International Day of Education on 24 January in recognition … Read more

Thanks to the national project “Culture” this year in the Perm Territory will create 4 more virtual concert halls “Vechernie Vedomosti

The residents of Kudymkar, Okhansk, Usolye and Cherdyn will be able to hear live broadcasts of the best concerts. In the Perm Territory this year, 4 more virtual concert halls (VKZ) will open, which will allow residents in the territories to join live broadcasts of events in the Perm Regional Philharmonic Society for free, as … Read more