[7 days left until the end! ]Enrich the education that children receive! A place for children to grow up to create a bright future! Scholarship for Steiner Education (Posted by Rudolf Steiner Fund Japan CEO Nishikata 2021/04/09) –Crowdfunding READYFOR

Thank you for your support! I hope that as many children as possible can receive Steiner education! This project also has 7 days left! Thanks to everyone’s support, we are approaching 600,000 yen! !! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this project! !! From the father of a graduate of the Steiner School … Read more

Whose rice? #Too Free Zoo | Challenge of Shirotori Zoo to reduce the distance between animals to 0 (Posted at Shirotori Zoo 2021/04/08) –Crowdfunding READYFOR

50,000Circle C | Special Supporter Course ・ Let’s ask the keeper!Online anything consultation * This is a round-table discussion-style online round-table discussion where you can ask questions about pets’ worries, such things as animals you care about, and anything like this.* Scheduled to be held in June 2021 after noon on Saturdays and Sundays. ―――――― … Read more

Kids Door Fund | Never give up on college! 2021 Exam Support Scholarship (Certified NPO Kids Door Fund 2021/04/08 Published) –Crowdfunding READYFOR

Examination fee, cram school fee, entrance fee … Tuition is not the only cost required to enter university. Before going on to school, children do not give up taking the exam To draw your own future dreams and take that step forward The Kids Door Fund will continue to deliver exam support scholarships to 300 … Read more

Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunding Smart Kitchen Scale: Only 99 yuan to generate exclusive recipes with one click_Data

Original title: Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunding Smart Kitchen Scale: Only 99 yuan to generate exclusive recipes with one click April 7,HOTO Monkey Tool has launched a smart kitchen scale on Xiaomi Youpin’s crowdfunding, the original price is 169 yuan, and the crowdfunding price is only 99 yuan. It has 0.1g high-precision sensor, hand coffee assistant, delicious … Read more

Vet wants to euthanize intersex cat – owner collects money for surgery

London – In the UK, a cat owner is raising money to give her pet life-saving surgery. The specialty: the animal with the name Harry is intersexual, so it has no externally visible sex organs. This emerges from a report by RTL. According to this, the cat has only one opening instead of the anus … Read more

We have started recruiting scholarship students for Skill Boot Camp! Scholarship for 100 people. I want to deliver a business school that survives the Corona era (Posted by Toianna 2021/03/17)

We become indebted to. This is Toianna. Thank you for your support. Immediately, but from the funds I received At the online short-term intensive business school “Skill Boot Camp” Free courses in finance, business accounting, sales, and marketing We have started recruiting scholarship students! Scholarship application page https://www.skillbootcamp.net/scholarship This time, 100 people in the “Teen … Read more

We have received a message of support! A place for children to grow up to create a bright future! Scholarship for Steiner Education (Posted by Rudolf Steiner Fund Japan CEO Nishikata 2021/03/12) –Crowdfunding READYFOR

We are supporting crowdfunding! thank you very much! !! Famous for his books on the philosophy of freedom From Professor Shigetaka Imai Crowdfunding, activities of the Foundation, and Steiner education I received a message of support! !! I will introduce it below!  * * * * * * * What is the appeal of Steiner education? 1) To grow up to … Read more

Mobile Zoo I want to protect Fureai Ranch for animals! (Posted by Fureai Animal Village 2021/03/08) –Crowdfunding READYFOR

Thank you for your continued support and support. Animals went on a business trip at the mobile zoo last weekend! The staff was busy preparing because there were several business trips! I am relieved to wake up my sluggish body and finish my business trip safely. Cold measures and corona measures are perfect The dogs … Read more

Leave the taste of the famous store that disappears! “Maboroshi Shoten” challenged by former major vice president is a hot topic | Foodist Media by Restaurant.COM

Nobutaka Okubo, President of Minadein Co., Ltd. Attempts have begun to preserve the taste of the disappearing famous stores. As the number of stores forced to close due to the new coronavirus is increasing, Nobutaka Okubo (37), president of Minadein Co., Ltd., which manages four stores such as the izakaya “Karasumori Hyakuyaku” in Shimbashi, inherits … Read more

The momentum of the hit of the Canon PowerShot ZOOM telescope | NIKKEI STYLE

1000 units sold out immediately in just 6 hours and 50 minutes. Canon’s new digital camera “PowerShot ZOOM” set the fastest record for a total of 30 million yen in applications and purchases on the crowdfunding site Makuake. When general sales start on December 10, 2020, the sales volume share in the release week (according … Read more