“It’s okay to play outside, but doing it at home is special”

Iñaki Diéguez has traveled half the world with his accordion. In his extensive professional career, for example, his incorporation in 2008 to Cirque du Soleil stands out. Two years later he contributed to the creation of the new show of this company, with which he offered a thousand performances in the United States, Canada and … Read more

January 24, Sunday, we will celebrate International Popsicle Day, International Education Day, Compliment Day, Just Do It Day “AstrakhanFM

Sunday is Just Do It Day. If you’ve tinkered with all sorts of household chores, then it’s time to get some rest! “Just do it,” don’t resist your happiness. Education is a human right, public good and public responsibility. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the International Day of Education on 24 January in recognition … Read more