Emotional journey through musical time with the chords of _Juno’s most electronic pop

A concert at “untimely hours”, but a concert, after all. The capacity of the Infanta Leonor Theater was full, or what allows space restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, some two hundred people enjoyed the concert of _Juno after 4:40 p.m., the new proposal by the electronic pop duo formed by Zahara and Martí … Read more

[For current students and prospective students]Recruitment of candidates for “university recommendation” scholarships for local public and private education groups in FY2021 | TOPICS | Kinki University Faculty of Industrial Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Industrial Science and Engineering Fukuoka Campus

We are looking for students to register for the “University Recommendation” scholarship for local public and private education groups in 2021.Scholarships for local public and private education organizations are classified into the following two categories and are recruited.If you are applying for “University Recommendation”, please download the required documents and submit them to the Student … Read more

In the past 30 years, the electronic group Daft Punk suddenly disbanded! | Entertainment

-Picture taken from SoyaCincau- Daft Punk is the most representative and influential electronic music duo in the past few decades. The news of its sudden dissolution has made music lovers all over the world feel sad and sad. In a YouTube video titled “Epilogue” (Ending), although not many details were announced, this duo, which was … Read more

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gen202021 <!– box contenitore articoli correlati 21-01-2021 | Ricetta bianca elettronica: dal promemoria alla consegna a domicilio, i chiarimenti 19-01-2021 | Ricetta bianca elettronica, i medici: serve passaggio normativo per farmaci inclusi 18-01-2021 | Ricetta bianca elettornica, Conasfa: strumento per maggiore controllo, ora firma elettronica. Mnlf: grande rivoluzione //–> The electronic recipe management system is … Read more

UCAM Esports, the only professional electronic sports club in the Region

The Catholic University of Murcia began working with electronic sports in 2016 with the launch of a pioneering international chair in this area. As with traditional sport, the University has also arranged a scholarship scheme for these players. An example of this is José Manuel Pardo, a promising young man from the Esports university team, … Read more

‘Neuromarketing’ or how to use science to succeed in electronic commerce | New Times in EL PAÍS

Only 50 milliseconds is the time it takes the brain to generate a first impression on a web store, a sensation that will determine whether an Internet user continues to click on that page or, automatically, prefers to leave it to search other sites. A piece of data, taken from a study on the importance … Read more

US approves first electronic tablet

A sensor inserted into the pill emits a signal that makes it possible to determine the time and date of the taking of the drug, the Food and Drug Administration said in a statement released late Monday. This traceability system is authorized for treatment against schizophrenia, acute mania and bipolar disorders. This is aripiprazole, which … Read more