A steak printed in 3D and without animal sacrifice, the bet of the food industry

The meat is obtained from cow cells grown in a laboratory The companies join a global race in which there are already companies from Spain, the Netherlands or the USA. The challenge of the industry: to produce real meat in the laboratory, on a large scale and at competitive prices While eating a juicy ribeye … Read more

The dog worked for 5 years for the weight loss prize, and now he is unrecognizable. Just look at this ball (yes) with paws

The spaniel gained weight in five years, lost weight, and then gained weight again – thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. In the photo before and after the quarantine, the dog looks the same as all of us on self-isolation. There is only one thing: it seems he is not sorry at all. Englishwoman Karen Allen … Read more

We prepare a tuna enchilado Burrito, perfect for this purpose! Chef Mariano passes you the recipe step by step!

Ingredients:¼ pc Onion, chopped 2 cups Tuna, drainedFor the sauce:¼ pc Onion1 pc Garlic4 pcs Chile pasilla1 tsp oregano 1 tsp cumin2 tbsp Vinegar1 cup chicken broth8 pcs Butter tortillas2 cups black beans, refriedc / s Oil, salt and pepperProcedure:1. For the sauce, place all the ingredients in the blender and process until obtain a … Read more

The dangers of processed and ready-to-eat foods, obesity to death

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Director of Public Nutrition, Directorate General of Public Health, Ministry of Health, Dr. Dhian Dipo, said the number of ready-to-eat and processed foods contributed to the increase obesity and being overweight in Indonesian society which leads to death. This is because ready-to-eat and processed foods contain a higher intake of salt, sugar … Read more

National Games Village recipes pass the review, each dish has an “ID card”_catering

Original title: National Games Village Recipes passed the review and each dish has an “ID Card” News from our newspaper (Reporter Jiang Dai) From February 27th to 28th, the National Games Village recipe expert review meeting for the 14th National Games was held in Xi’an International Port District, and the National Games Village recipes passed … Read more

Slovakia will introduce a curfew and mandatory wearing of respirators :: Society :: RBC

The curfew will begin on March 3, and respirators will be mandatory in all public places on March 15. If the situation with COVID-19 does not improve, the authorities will announce a total lockdown Photo: Sergey Pivovarov / RIA Novosti The Slovak government has decided to impose a curfew and the mandatory wearing of FFP2 … Read more