Rostov postman every year receives congratulations on March 8 and February 23

We found out why Olga Pelipenko always has one more holiday a year. Photo: Press Service of the Russian Post. Postman Olga Pelipenko celebrates two holidays at once – March 8 and February 23. She is not just a charming woman, a mother of many children and a responsible postman, but also a foreman of … Read more

The momentum of the hit of the Canon PowerShot ZOOM telescope | NIKKEI STYLE

1000 units sold out immediately in just 6 hours and 50 minutes. Canon’s new digital camera “PowerShot ZOOM” set the fastest record for a total of 30 million yen in applications and purchases on the crowdfunding site Makuake. When general sales start on December 10, 2020, the sales volume share in the release week (according … Read more

Louis Vuitton, Black-based Watch “Tambour Slim Black”-Travel Watch

Louis Vuitton “Tambour Slim Black” Louis Vuitton has developed a new model “Tambour Slim Black” based on black from the watch collection “Tambour Slim”. The 28mm and 33mm models will be released on January 29th, and the 39mm model will be released on February 12th. The dial has a hologram monogram pattern and the index … Read more

Amazon has ordered hundreds of trucks running on liquefied natural gas for operations in the United States

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in truck delivery activities and a decrease in passenger traffic. Increasing truck traffic also means more pollution, with heavy trucks emitting a higher level of greenhouse gases compared to passenger vehicles. Transport companies have begun to develop their fleet of electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions. A … Read more

New details about Apple Car: the car will be able to operate without a driver, being completely autonomous

Last month, Hyundai confirmed that it was in talks with Apple, without revealing their reason. Subsequently, several rumors emerged detailing the partnership that the two companies would reach, some of them including future specifications of the electric car that Apple wants to create. A new report from CNBC, quoted by 9to5mac, brings more details about … Read more

Chromebook with increasing presence, breakthrough for education, share 24% | NIKKEI STYLE

Chromebook example. It looks the same as a Windows notebook. The photo is of Lenovo Japan ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook 2021 is likely to be a year in which the presence of “Chromebook” will increase. According to research firm MM Research Institute (Tokyo, Minato), domestic shipments of Chromebooks, which were 150,000 units in 2019, increased … Read more

Aim Korea “BTS” Japanese singer goes abroad via internet | NIKKEI STYLE

Arashi and Perfume who appeared in “Spotify presents Tokyo Super Hits Live 2020”. The live event lasted about 3 hours (Photo / THINGS. Photo courtesy / Spotify Japan) Like the Korean hip-hop group BTS (BTS), which has been selected as a candidate for the US Grammy Awards and has become a hot topic, I want … Read more