The recipe for forgiveness, until a punch separates them, and the route that devours women

Has it not happened to you that, in the midst of this social paralysis, the bum Bum on the left of the chest marks an exalted, almost happy step? Is it, perhaps, a biological mechanism that, without knowing how, we have created to remind ourselves that we are still full of dreams? In this body … Read more

Incorporating sex education into everyday life with toilet paper / Sowledge, Nanase Tsuruta | MASHING UP

image via gettyimages Many sexually injured children cannot verbalize what they have done.. Due to anxiety such as “maybe it’s my fault” or “getting angry”, I can’t even talk to an adult, and the current situation is that I have trauma. Nanase Tsuruta, the representative of Sowledge, a general incorporated association, said to protect young … Read more

Transgender Equality Bill

EAn “express declaration” should suffice in the future. Then Spanish citizens can change their sex as soon as they are 16 years old – without a medical certificate or appropriate treatment. This is what the draft of the “Trans Law” (Ley Trans) provides. The Spanish Minister for Gender Equality Irene Montero intends to submit the … Read more

Support for LGBT Students: Only 7% of Universities Have a Policy |

Japan Data Social gender / sex 2021.02.04 It was revealed that less than 10% of universities, junior colleges, and colleges of technology nationwide have a policy of supporting sexual minority (LGBT) students. The Japan Student Services Organization, an independent administrative agency that provides scholarships for students and support projects for international students, is investigating the … Read more

January 24, Sunday, we will celebrate International Popsicle Day, International Education Day, Compliment Day, Just Do It Day “AstrakhanFM

Sunday is Just Do It Day. If you’ve tinkered with all sorts of household chores, then it’s time to get some rest! “Just do it,” don’t resist your happiness. Education is a human right, public good and public responsibility. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the International Day of Education on 24 January in recognition … Read more