How Amazon and Co. are penetrating the industrial software business

Technician on admission Because of the pandemic, the Hannover Messe will only take place digitally this year. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf On the eve of the Hanover Fair, Amazon released the new product. “Lookout for Equipment” is the name of the service that is now available to all Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud customers. With this … Read more

Microsoft No company has such ambitious climate goals

Düsseldorf In autumn 2020, seafarers used a special ship to pull a metal container out of the waves of the North Sea, not far off the coast of the Orkney Islands. What looked like a dirty oil tank from the outside contained a fully functional data center with 864 servers. The IT group Microsoft had … Read more

Comment: Tesla and camera espionage. We don’t shoot anything, the pictures go to ourselves

One month ago, the Chinese government banned Tesla cars from entering military bases and government offices. Built-in cameras that continuously send data to America could reportedly be used for espionage. The reasoning does not inspire confidence, but neither does Elon Musk’s answer. Tesla’s own presentations refute the claim that cars do not collect data in … Read more

Egypt: Researchers find Tutankhamun’s golden city, 3000 years old *** BILDplus content *** – Guide

Photo: STR / dpa published on April 10, 2021 – 2:10 pm This is an archaeological sensation! The largest ancient city ever discovered there has now been excavated in Egypt – well preserved, complete walls and rooms with everyday objects were found. The “lost golden city” is 3000 years old, from the reign of Pharaoh … Read more

How Europe is preparing for the power struggle over data cables

Berlin, Düsseldorf The battle for Europe’s digital future is also being fought off the French Mediterranean coast. At least more and more European experts and politicians are convinced of this. Because here, in front of the port city of Marseille, a Chinese group of companies is laying an Internet cable around 12,000 kilometers long from … Read more

Eight Salvadorans win international postgraduate scholarship in “Cultural Policies”

Scene Drafting DEM Wednesday 31, March 2021 • 11:15 am Eight Salvadorans were selected to participate in the International Postgraduate Course in Community-Based Cultural Policies, within the framework of the IberCultura Viva cultural cooperation program. The Salvadorans selected are: Miguel Ángel Cruz Blanco, Claudia Patricia Jiménez Flores, Helen Elizabeth Amaya Pereira, Erick Gabriel Hernández Guerinados, … Read more

How the group wants to save itself after the US sanctions

Beijing, Düsseldorf A French chateau and true-to-original replicas of entire streets of Heidelberg’s old town – anyone who visits the extensive developer campus of the Chinese IT group Huawei in Dongguan, near Shenzen in southern China, quickly realizes that this company has money. So much money that it can afford to recreate a backdrop of … Read more

Vaccination in CDMX reaches a record figure this Tuesday

MEXICO CITY. With the start of vaccination for older adults in the Álvaro Obregón, Benito Juárez and Cuauhtémoc mayors, figures that had not been registered since the beginning of the application of the doses in Mexico City were reached in a single day, also considering the application of the vaccine in the municipalities of Tlalpan … Read more

Blessings Await for ISAT, TLKM and EXCL, JAKARTA – This week has been a busy period for a number of issuers from the telecommunications sector. At least PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk feels this. (TLKM), PT Indosat Tbk. (ISAT) and PT XL Axiata Tbk. (EXCL). This is because the three issuers will get significant benefits from their business plans and projects … Read more

How Volkswagen cooperates with Microsoft in the cloud

Seattle Volkswagen is a global corporation, but in Redmond, the car manufacturer with just under 200 employees only lives in a brick building in the city center. The city in the US state of Washington is dominated by Microsoft’s campuses, which are located south and east of the headquarters of the VW Automotive Cloud branch. … Read more