Parisian team player rebelled against Pochettino and went to training

Paris Saint-Germain keep hooking up with your new coach Mauricio Pochettino and adapting to the new dynamics of the game, however, the first problem has already arisen. All started when Mitchel Bakker He retired from the team’s training after he lost the title to PSG after the arrival of Pochettino and the Argentine preferred to … Read more

“Illness affects more and more people in their thirties and forties” –

Annually, more than 12,000 people are diagnosed with colon cancer, the KWF writes. “We could prevent at least half of that,” says Flemish gastrointestinal specialist Luc Colemont against Het Laatste Nieuws in this international month of action against colon cancer. AssassinColemont, who also founded the Stop Colon Cancer Foundation, explains: “Colon cancer is a malignant … Read more

hackers plunder your savings account –

More and more people are becoming victims of hackers who steal their personal data and subsequently steal money from them. The number of reports increased by 30 percent in a year, says the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP). The personal data is sold on to scammers who sometimes manage to loot entire savings accounts of … Read more

The new generation of pianist Liao Xijie won the international award again. The warmth MV “My Pride” attracts expectations_Contest

Original title: The new generation of pianist Liao Xijie won the international award again. The warmth MV “My Pride” attracts expectations At the beginning of the new year in 2021, Liao Xijie, who has been praised as a new generation pianist by the international classical music circle, once again won two new international piano competition … Read more

Spain: Arancha González talks about Country association framework to help Colombia – Europe – International

After her official visit to the country, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, Arancha González Laya, assured this newspaper that she was convinced that the commitment and efforts made by Colombia to serve the migrant and refugee population of Venezuela “they deserve international solidarity.” (You may be interested: ‘I hope that the gesture taken … Read more

National Games Village recipes pass the review, each dish has an “ID card”_catering

Original title: National Games Village Recipes passed the review and each dish has an “ID Card” News from our newspaper (Reporter Jiang Dai) From February 27th to 28th, the National Games Village recipe expert review meeting for the 14th National Games was held in Xi’an International Port District, and the National Games Village recipes passed … Read more

Chelsea and Manchester were not hurt

Manchester United (2nd) wasted the gift that Leicester (3rd) gave them hours before by falling 3-1 against Arsenal (10th) and could not pass the tie (0-0) in Chelsea field (5th), this Sunday in a match of the 26th date of the Premier League. (Jeison Murillo scored for Celta’s draw) Tied on points with the ‘Foxes’ … Read more

Man killed by own cock during cock fight –

A cockerel killed its owner just before an illegal cockfight in India, for which a knife was attached to the animal. When the rooster tried to escape, the knife ended up in the owner’s groin. The man died of blood loss on the way to the hospital. The animal has been held at the police … Read more

Live music will return with another format and without internationals

“Records are no longer sold, the only way a musician makes money is with concerts.” Thus, Adolfo FH, vocalist of Stoned at Pompeii, assured this week during the presentation of his latest video clip, “Like a Virgin”, that they paid for it with the three performances that they could give this summer with all the … Read more

You inherit getting old from your mother –

The researchers themselves had not foreseen it coming, but growing old cane is a trait that you inherit from your mother. If you have a mother who has reached the age of 95, it is more likely that you will also become very old. Scientists from the Leiden University Medical Center have been following 944 … Read more

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