How much is it trading this Saturday, January 30

He blue dollar quote this Saturday, January 30 at $ 150 for the purchase and $ 153 for the sale. The gap between the blue and the official dollar it is 73%. In this way, the blue dollar remains stable compared to the last price. He blue dollar value It has a substantial difference with … Read more

Suspended this Saturday’s concert of the Symphony in the El Batel Auditorium

Despite the fact that a few weeks ago Cartagena announced the return of public shows in the port city, the new infection figures will force the City Council to take a step back. In fact, the El Batel Auditorium has already canceled the concert scheduled at the venue for this Saturday, Show must go ÖSRM, … Read more

Zetak: “This year can serve to reflect on whether we want to continue living at the speed we live, which is frantic”

pamplona – The Navarrese Pello Reparaz (Arbizu, 1990) reveals the keys to the present of Zetak, the electronic music project in Basque that he created last year and whose scope, he reveals, has them “still very surprised.” This year it has disrupted all plans and in the case of Zetak, it was also the engine … Read more