Know ours! A girl from the Kyzylorda region will receive a presidential scholarship in China

The scholarship amount is one million RMB per month. Our compatriot Zhannur Niyazbekova became the best student in China, reports DalaInform. For several years, the girl applied for doctoral studies in Kazakhstan, but to no avail. Much faster and more successful Zhannur, three years ago she got a place at the University of China. There … Read more

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I’m done with Borat. One day the luck expires, they almost shot at me, says comedian Baron Cohen

For two decades, with the help of various masks, he revealed the nature of celebrities and ordinary people, but now the British actor Sacha Baron Cohen wants to leave the work “in secret”. He told the American radio NPR in an interview that he could no longer try to make another film in the spirit … Read more

“Those of us who are educated are very strong people.” On the rights of people with disabilities and the fight for them

“EDUCATED AND ACTIVE CITIZENS WITH DISABILITIES WERE AND IS” RFE / RL: We recently tried to find an answer to the question: “Why do people with disabilities in Kazakhstan not occupy important government positions?” One deputy of the Mazhilis in response expressed the opinion that there are “no” obstacles in the way of people with … Read more

Alvin Gray suddenly canceled all concerts in Tatarstan

photo: instagram Alvin Gray The popular Bashkir-Tatar pop singer Radik Yullyakshin, known under the pseudonym Alvin Gray, said that the concerts planned for 2021 in Tatarstan have been canceled. He announced this on February 14 on his Instagram page. The artist did not name the specific reason for canceling the performances. – The reason [отмены … Read more

“How can the World and Asian champions pay less than the bags that cannot beat office workers ?!” What other athletes think about salaries in football in Kazakhstan – Football

The correspondent of the republican Internet portal decided to ask representatives of other sports about what they think about wages in Kazakhstan. Alesya Safronova, volleyball player of the national team of Kazakhstan and Zhetysu: – I was never interested in the salaries of football players. I believe that every athlete should receive as much … Read more

“I will certainly be back!” Kazakhstanis remember their beloved Vysotsky

“After all, I am not a poet” Many of our compatriots know that Vysotsky has repeatedly visited Kazakhstan, especially those who are not indifferent to the life and work of the poet. We also have researchers of his legacy who have published the results of their research, which tells about little-known or completely unknown episodes … Read more