The planned “live” concerts of E. Doga, N. Botgros, Zdob si Zdub and other musicians are canceled

Concerts within the Martisor Festival this year will have to be watched online. Photo: Moldpres In the context of the development of the epidemiological situation in our country and taking into account the Decree of the National Emergency Commission on Public Health, which prohibits the activities of theater and concert institutions and houses of culture … Read more

Rice is recommended with chicken breast!Exquisite “Teriyaki” Recipe | Living Antenna | Recipe Blog

It doesn’t matter how many repertoires you have for “chicken breast”, which is cheap and delicious. This time, we will introduce “Teriyaki side dishes” that go well with white rice. Not only the basic teriyaki, but also a little addition of gochujang and mustard is a must-see ♪ Let’s check how to make it. VIEW … Read more

The recipe for black grape jam

The black grapes it is very rich in nutritional properties, water, carbohydrates and sugars, and contains a high amount of vitamins and fiber. Like grapes in general, it has antioxidant and anticancer properties and is perfect for jam. Thanks to its qualities, in fact, we will have sweet jars that can be used throughout the … Read more

For those who hate fish! Idea recipe made with “swordfish and potatoes” | Living antenna | Recipe blog

The light-tasting swordfish is easy to eat even for those who are not good at fish. If you add long potatoes and potatoes, the taste will be improved. There are recipes that meat lovers will be satisfied with, such as teriyaki, sweet and sour sauce, fish and chips, so please have a look! VIEW by … Read more

Enjoy the chewy texture!Perfect for the main “Lotus root scissors grilled” recipe | Living antenna | Recipe blog

Introducing the recipe for “scissors grilled” using lotus root, which has a crispy texture! The scissors-grilled recipe is just a recipe for sandwiching minced meat with lotus root, but there are surprisingly many patterns. It is recommended as a main side dish, so please check it out. VIEW by hatsuharu Lotus root sandwich grilled Lotus … Read more

For my own lunch that I like garland chrysanthemum ♪ Easy pasta, udon, somen recipe of garland chrysanthemum | Living antenna | Recipe blog

A garland chrysanthemum that is bittersweet and has a nice scent. I love myself, but there are people who are not good at family, so it’s hard to use when everyone surrounds the table … Then, how about a garland chrysanthemum recipe that you can make and eat for one person? This time, we have … Read more

These 6 Natural Ingredients Can Overcome Burns, Some Are in the Kitchen – All Pages

Otofemale.ID – Burns on the skin can be on top with natural ingredients. The good news is, some natural ingredients for burns are in the kitchen. Also Read: Use Anti Aging Skincare Don’t Be Too Late, This Doctor said There are 6 natural ingredients that can be used to treat burns on the skin. Here … Read more

Mead Recipe – GialloZafferano Recipe

Known in ancient times as “the drink of the gods”, mead is a fermented product made with water and honey. Unlike classic liqueurs such as chocolate or coffee, mead does not require the use of alcohol but is based on the natural process of fermentation of honey which is triggered by the addition of yeast. … Read more