State competition as diverse as never before – experimenta

Written on March 04, 2021. State competition more diverse than ever The state competition Jugend forscht Baden-Württemberg reached a new high this year with 69 qualified projects. The starting field for the digital state decision in the fields of technology, mathematics / computer science and the world of work, which will take place digitally for … Read more

Smolensk newspaper – On the way to a dream

Society In 1998, the administration of the Smolensk region established a scholarship named after Prince Smolensky Roman Rostislavovich – in order to financially support gifted youth and encourage full-time students (cadets) of full-time education at state universities, colleges, as well as schoolchildren who have shown special abilities in mastering the basics of science. Scholarship applicants … Read more

Search engine – University of Barcelona

2401.- Information, recommendations and resources for teaching activity Guidelines for planning teaching for the 2020-2021 academic year (pdf) (in Catalan) … 2402.- Scholarships and grants Some of the scholarships and grants that can be requested to pursue a degree are: General grant Equity grant AGAUR grants to promote training and accreditation of third languages ​​UB … Read more

Ministry of Culture: Instructions on digital teaching for schools

“Clear impetus” to rethink teaching Saxony’s minister of education, Christian Piwarz, says he would not go so far as to say that his collar had blown and that it was time for an instruction. However, Piwarz does not deny that there are still cases in which teachers de facto refuse to teach. Christian Piwarz: “Well, … Read more

Get creative with music, text, drawings, photography, dance or movement

Learning an instrument, writing texts, drawing, photographing with different lenses, dance and movement training or theater therapy – with the courses from “Culture and Design” you can get creative in different areas again in the spring / summer semester 2021. Here is a small selection from the range of courses: What actually is theater therapy … Read more

‘Tortilla hack’: learn how to make the new ‘foodie’ trend that is sweeping TikTok and Instagram

It is easy, fast and can be prepared with basic ingredients that we have in the fridge. Hence its success. The perfect passport to go viral. Simple and showy. Perfect for adding likes on social networks. Hence gastronomic influencers have made it the quintessential foodie trend of this start of 2021. We are talking about … Read more

Vianney tackled on his way to sit in “The Voice”, he reacts

Posted on Sunday, February 7, 2021 at 1:59 p.m. You have certainly noticed it if you watched “The Voice” France this Saturday, February 6… The singer and coach Vianney is having a hard time staying still! Viewers have often pointed out during the evening of the first blinds of “The Voice”, Vianney, new recruit in … Read more