Beethoven, with orchestra under 25 and Baricco – Cinema lesson

Even if with an empty audience it is thrilling to see a theater full of passionate orchestral artists, if then to resonate are the immortal compositions of Beethoven, we discover, although there was no need, that live music is one of the strongest shortcomings. of this period. The documentary Ludwig Van Beethoven, 5 things to … Read more

30. Nordic sound in Greifswald: The more flexible festival schedule relies on hybrid events in May and a two-part open-air festival in summer

Due to the current Corona situation in Europe, the Nordic sound will also be extended to the summer months this year. In the actual festival period from May 7th to 22nd, a virtual festival program will be offered with digital readings, colloquia and concerts, in which the live character should nevertheless predominate. The internationally renowned … Read more

The singer Kiko Navarro presents ‘Slowly Live’ in a concert in ‘streaming’ »Concerts

The Slowly project was born 10 years ago when Kiko Navarro used the name to produce and remix some songs at a slower tempo than usual. The terrible situation for nightlife during 2020, led Navarro to create a band under the same name together with the musicians Benji Habichuela, Linet Varela better known as La … Read more

Photo campaign gives cultural workers a face

“Should I look angry?” The question asked by some of the protagonists in the student cellar block 17. 40 people have registered for the photo session for the “Kulturgesichter MV” campaign. Photos are created every three minutes with an important message: We are many, we are multi-layered and “it’s quiet without us”. “Look neutral” is … Read more

The group Go Cactus stops at Es Gremi »Concerts

The group Go Cactus, which was born in Mallorca in 2016 with the brothers Joan and Pau Gual together with their cousin Joan Amengual, brings their musical repertoire to Es Gremi. This formation published their first EP in January 2017, Hi, we are Cactus, recorded at Paco Loco Estudios. Since then, their musical journey has … Read more