C&A announces changes in its communication and marketing departments in Spain and Europe – RRHH Press

Drafting. The fashion firm C&A has announced changes to its teams communication and marketing in Spain and Europe with the aim of boosting its strategy of dissemination and promotion of its corporate actions in sustainability and in other key areas of the brand. On the one hand, Paula Ahicart, who has developed a good part … Read more

Mandatory vaccination, herd with people (Comment) – News by sources

We have a flu with out-of-the-ordinary marketing that has created a planetary psychosis. I wrote in detail about the phenomenon in my book “Viral Times”. We are in a unique period in human history, when a disease with low mortality has destroyed our way of life, through quarantines and blockades of human activities, an inefficient … Read more

Cats – at system administrators, bartenders and secretaries, dogs – at office managers and dispatchers

Author: Research Center of the Superjob.ru portal Russians have cats much more often than dogs: 45% of respondents have cats in their homes, and a total of 21% have dogs. At the same time, cat lovers are the most among system administrators, bartenders and secretaries, and dog lovers – among office managers and dispatchers. SuperJob, … Read more

Opinion: Telematic medicine becomes the great ally of the health sector to streamline consultations during the pandemic

🔊 Play COVID-19 has accelerated progress in the digital transformation processes of the healthcare sector, the advances that were expected in 3 years have happened in 3 months. According to the third edition of the Aegon Health and Lifestyle study, 7 out of 10 telemedicine users declare that it has been very useful to them. … Read more

Tourism.-Prodetur highlights the progress of the western network of the Camino de Santiago with a tourism marketing plan

In a statement, the Diputación indicates that the project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (Feder), is framed in the second call of the Interreg VA Program Spain – Portugal (Poctep) 2014-2020 and is aimed at establishing a strategy that favor the development of infrastructures and services on the Roads to Santiago in the … Read more

Chinese New Year Games: Heading is still significant, and diversified marketing becomes a new trend_ 东方 Fortune.com

Original Title: Internet Media: Chinese New Year Games: Heading is still significant and diversified marketing becomes a new trend Best seller during the 21st Spring FestivalTencentThe department has significant advantages, and established games continue to dominate the charts. In addition to “King of Glory” (first) and “Peace Elite” (second), which once again won the best-selling … Read more

Marketing: Best Practices Applicable to Referral Marketing

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Marketing: WhatsApp and Facebook acknowledge their “mistake”

Get the latest industry news delivered to your inbox: Subscribe ✉ 🔊 Play Perhaps one of the topics that gave the most to talk about in recent months was the announced change in WhatsApp policies, which did not go down well with users. The annoyance of various people responded to the fact that, according to … Read more

this is the perfect RECIPE

Making yogurt at home is much easier and faster than you thought, plus it will help you save on the purchase of these products 2020 left us new habits that will surely stay with us for much longer. One of them is spending more time than we used to kitchen room, and do with our … Read more

Marketing: This is what a “catalog of incentives” should include

🔊 Play The incentive catalog is one of the key tools in an incentive or motivation program. In many cases, the catalog will even be the main issue to promote the use and participation in a platform of this type. A very elaborate, attractive or creative mechanics is of little use if we do not … Read more