Va Morena against cosmetic surgeries on animals

Mexico City.- Senator Ricardo Monreal announced that next Tuesday he will present a legal reform proposal to punish the fashion for cosmetic surgery on animals, because these operations are a form of animal cruelty. Among the procedures are listed the cutting of the ears or tails of dogs or removing the thief or meowing of … Read more

These are the most popular dog breeds in each country

The British company Household Quotes, announced which are the most popular dog breeds in each continent and country in the world. According to the data obtained in their study, In order to determine the most popular dog breeds, Household Quotes emphasized that it was not based on the particular taste of each pet owner, but … Read more

Viral | Grandmother receives COVID-19 vaccine and asks to take a walk by the sea to celebrate | Coronavirus | nnda nnni | STORIES

It had to be celebrated in whatever place. It will soon be a year since, on March 11, 2020, the WHO declared that the coronavirus and the disease it caused, the COVID-19, became a pandemic. Today the world is going through a positive stage, due to the process of vaccination which takes place in several … Read more

The Gulf Stream cools, now northern Europe risks frost

AGI – “Circulation in the Atlantic Ocean, at the base of the Gulf Stream (the meteorological system that brings a warm and mild climate to Europe) is at its weakest level considering the last millennium. Climate change is the main cause of this. probable. This is what was reported by a recent study which saw … Read more

PHOTOS: Double blow to Mencho and CJNG, they seize destructive arsenal and drugs

Elements of the armed forces of Mexico, located and secured a vehicle, weapons and drugs in the state of Jalisco, area where the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), led by the drug lord Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, aka the Mencho, has its main area of ‚Äč‚Äčinfluence The discovery was made on two farms, one located in … Read more

Science has proven that dogs can identify people with bad intentions (simple conjugations)

smrm1977 / iStock Puppies take the mission of protecting their owners very seriously, which is why they bark at the first sign of suspicion (although sometimes they are not well received when it is 3 in the morning and they interrupt a video call from the office) Izemphoto / Shutterstock A study by a group … Read more

Ninel Conde: Everything that is known about her husband’s millionaire fraud | SHOWS

NO EXIT. A millionaire fraud. The husband of Ninel Conde, Larry Ramos, is being investigated by the FBI for defrauding dozens of people in the United States of millions of dollars, one of them is the singer Alejandra Guzm√°n. The former managers of Alejandra Guzm√°n, Cinthia Velarde and Guillermo Carvajal met with Larry Ramos at … Read more