A talented musician from Volgodonsk will receive a scholarship from the Governor of the Rostov Region

Pupil of the children’s music school. Shostakovich Igor Koksharov became one of the talented young residents of the Don, who were awarded a scholarship from the Governor of the Rostov Region. Igor is studying at the Children’s Music School in the Domra class at the department of professionally oriented children, his teacher is the Honored … Read more

The Salamanca CAEM will host a double function of the show ‘Annie. The musical ‘on May 15 and 16

The cultural program of the Salamanca City Council for the month of May includes the show, ‘Annie. El Musical ‘, a proposal for all audiences set in New York City in the 1930s that will arrive at CAEM on May 15 and 16. After five “successful” seasons on the Madrid billboard, with two discs of … Read more

Christie: “The Oviedo concert is like a musical return to our origins”

William Christie, during a concert in Oviedo. | Irma Collín Director William Christie, one of the proper names in the recovery of baroque music and historically informed interpretation, returns to Oviedo on Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. A performance with the group “Les Arts florissants” founded by himself, which is included in the cycle “Auditorium Concerts”, … Read more

Corona also slows down the Krefeld enthusiast orchestra

irW “disn siet mneei aJhr ßerau ctGhfee gtz,” stee tasg us Kausl Ese, lf ettvteelresrnerld ornseiVertdz dre oseCvort hyerSiknpmo Keefdrl ma eo, lfenT sla iwr lc, lnutgdrhne es caru rcs, lnutgdrhne med ezhorkei ezhorcs uas emd eerWhrsrto-rBeeskcay gavegrnohgenre its, os anegrgne sit räwhdne red iPaeem.nd iDe erbü 60 urkei, Ms is made up of c … Read more

All for a musical dream

Records, magazines, photos, promotional material … More all kinds of objects related to pop make up the ambitious project promoted by Alejandro Diez Garín that aims to turn Santa Colomba into the capital of documented pop and almost a place of pilgrimage for many who have made of music and pop culture a total incentive … Read more

Ibis promotes emerging musical talent in Spain

It will feature bands such as Aiko El Grupo, Mori, Casero and St Woods La Demoscópica by ibis 2021 will feature bands such as Aiko El Grupo, Mori, Casero and St Woods. This year’s format also includes two professional conferences for artists and bands, with workshops to learn more about the filming of video clips, … Read more

“I want to earn the respect of the music industry”

Daniela sarria He started in the artistic world at the age of 15 through acting. He was part of various musicals, television novels, and plays. However, the 24-year-old had a dream that still had to be fulfilled: to become singer internationally. This is why in August 2020 he released his first single ‘Buri Buri’ and … Read more

The Nuevo Alcalá Theater brings us a very musical spring with concerts of various styles by some of our great figures

Better, impossible. Because the Nuevo Alcalá Theater gives us, between the 12th and the 18th of this month of April, a series of different concerts by various artists and styles, all of them with the common denominator of being authentic stars of our music. The Consortium, Jaime Urrutia, Medina Azahara in “Triana Triana”, “Rock & … Read more