express! Number of COVID-19: Thailand has seen 80 more cases today, cumulative number of cases 26,031.

March 1, 2021 2,839 The Office of the Civil Service Commission announces the number of COVID-19 cases. Today, Thailand has found 80 new cases of COVID-19 cases, with a cumulative number of 26,031 cases. Cumulative deaths 83 On March 1, 64 Dr. Taweesil Wissanuyothin, M.D. Spokesperson, Center for Infectious Disease Situation SituationCoronavirus 2019 (B.C.) Report … Read more

Coronavirus | USA: Joe Biden wants the undocumented to have access to the covid-19 vaccine

The president of United States, Joe Biden, said this Friday in an interview with the Hispanic channel Univision that will ensure that undocumented immigrants receive the COVID-19 vaccine and food assistance benefits. In the interview with the journalist Ilia Calderón, from Univision News, Biden highlighted the importance of “all” the undocumented get vaccinated, while expressing … Read more

Apartment hotel is “New Normal” Rihga Royal in Osaka From 150,000 yen a month Long-term stay plan: J-CAST Company Watch

Royal Hotel Co., Ltd. (Osaka City), which operates the Royal Hotel and RIHGA Royal Hotel, will sell long-term stay plans from March 2021 including a 30-night plan at RIHGA Royal Hotel in Osaka City on February 19th. Announcement. The aim is to cultivate new demand with the aim of recovering usage that has declined due … Read more Companion dog who continued to heal hospital staff, unfortunately “changed job” rice

(CNN) A companion dog, Win, who has been close to doctors and nurses for nearly two years at a hospital in Denver, Colorado, is busy dealing with the new coronavirus, and has left the hospital to become a service dog. Win is a mixed dog of Labrador. At the Rose Medical Center in Denver, I … Read more

Dog Caesarean section video posted on TikTok Two men arrested for unauthorized surgery US –Sputnik Japan

society February 20, 2021 21:46Short URL Sputnik Japan Sputnik Two men were arrested in Florida, USA, in a case where an unlicensed veterinarian performed a Caesarean section on the French Bulldog. The US NBC reports. It turned out that the operation was filmed and posted on TikTok. Laila of the French … Read more

Tokitsukaze Master Compliance Committee Disposition Proposal Retired-Ozumou: Nikkan Sports

RankingtotalplayerLast daytotal 1-8Chan Kim-3272 2-7Tomoharu Otsuki-4273 2-7Hiroshi Iwata0273 2-7Hideto Tanihara-2273 5-5Takumi Kanaya0275 6-4Ryo Ishikawa-1276 6-4Xiaozeping Yuhe+2276 8-2Hiroyuki Fujita-2278 8-2Daijiro Izumida0278 10-1Imahira Shugo-3279 Domestic men’s golf results RankingtotalplayerLast daytotal 1-10Yuan Ying Lihua0278 2-8Ayaka Furue-4280 3-6Hinako Shibuno-1282 3-6Momoko Ueda+2282 3-6Yuna Nishimura+3282 6-4Mikajima Kana+1284 6-4Mamiko Higa+1284 6-4Minami Hiruta+2284 6-4Yuka Saso+3284 10-2Ayaka Watanabe-1286 Domestic women’s golf results RankingtotalplayerLast daytotal … Read more

Coronavirus | Vaccination reduces UK hospitalizations and deaths, according to preliminary data | COVID-19

Vaccination against COVID-19 in the UK, where more than 15 million people have already received the first dose, is reducing hospitalizations, the deaths and the coronavirus transmission, according to the British newspaper “The Times”. When comparing the cases of elderly who have received the vaccine compared to those who do not, preliminary data show that … Read more

COVID-19 vaccine | Pfizer affirms that it coordinates the point of delivery of the vaccines after confirming agreement with Minsa

The senior director of the supply chain for Latin America of the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Bárbara García, assured this Thursday that coordinates with the Government the delivery points of your COVID-19 vaccine manufactured together with the German company BioNTech. In an interview with the program News Expansion of RPP, the representative of Pfizer He … Read more

Russian animal corona vaccine development time revealed –Sputnik Japan Sputnik Japan Sputnik The Russian Animal and Plant Hygiene Authority plans to announce the development of a new coronavirus vaccine for animals in April this year. The first vaccine is for carnivores. Vaccine development is currently in its final stages, and the vaccine will cover all animals, according to Yuri Melano, … Read more