Are the authorities turning a blind eye to cruelty to animals?

Shafts, i.e. killing animals without first stunning them with a knife, is prohibited in Germany. Instead, slaughterhouses must first anaesthetize animals in such a way that the animal’s sensation of pain is completely switched off. Nevertheless, there are always cases of illegally slaughtered animals. FAKT had discovered in March that slaughtering was carried out in … Read more

Westerwald recipes: water sparrows with garlic

News from April 14th, 2021 Tweet By Helmi Tischler-Venter Home is good for you and tastes good! For this reason we regularly publish recipes from the Westerwald – because our region has all kinds of delicious things to offer. Today there are water sparrows with garlic. You are also welcome to send us your favorite … Read more

Education Department of Sumy City Hall continues to issue invoices to volunteers from SBB-Tyl | Dankor online

The Education Department of the Sumy City Hall continues to issue invoices to volunteers from SBB-Tyl Valentina Andriyasheva, head of the SBB-Tyl volunteer center, announced this on her Facebook page. Now volunteers are weaving nets for the front, etc. in the premises of the former Club of young technicians, which the city bought from the … Read more

She is the first actress with a motor disability to star in a Thriller

Run is one of the movies of the moment. The Hulu film, which recently hit Netflix, tells the story of Chloe (Kiera Allen), a paralyzed young woman who feels something strange about her mother, Diane (Sarah Paulson). For many years, Diane raised her daughter in complete isolation, controlling her every move, but Chloe will soon … Read more

Possible serious case of animal cruelty | Dog found dead in St-Élie-de-Caxton

The body of a dog, said to have been beaten to death, was discovered in a ditch on Chemin Héroux, in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton. The dog was discovered by employees of the Ministry of Transport, who notified the owner of the company “Le P’tit ranch”, Mirco Olivier, of Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel, the company has the mandate to collect abandoned … Read more

10 years of Paddyhats: Gevelsberger Band with new projects

Gevelsberg. “The O’Reillys and the Paddyhats” from Gevelsberg celebrated their birthday. That’s how the party went. They still plan to do that this year. 358 Lpo {fsuf- wjfs Tuvejpbmcfo- jothftbnu gýog Cftfu {vohtxfditfm bo F.Hjubssf- Cbtt- Tdimbh {fvh voe Hfjhf – cfj ‘Uif P31Sfjmmzt boe uif Qbeezibut ” ejf tjfcfo Nvtjlfs efs Hfwfmtcfshfs Jsjti.Gpml.Qvol.Usvqqf jisfo … Read more

These car insurance companies pay back contributions

14. April 2021 – 13:00 Clock Lower mileage makes car insurance cheaper Corona actually has positive sides for motorists: The number of traffic jams has almost halved and now the motor vehicle insurance companies are also increasing. The first companies have announced that they will reimburse their customers for contributions. Up to 20 percent of … Read more

The Burgos Heavy Metal Association and Cajacírculo Foundation organize a series of concerts under the name ‘Heavy culture is safe’ – Burgos News | – Burgos Digital Newspaper | 14/04/2021 – 10:13h. The Burgos Heavy Metal Association (BHM) is organizing a series of concerts under the name: “Heavy Culture is Safe”. This Cycle will consist of 4 concerts of Heavy Metal music, encompassing different sub-styles such as Folk-Metal, Melodic Metal, Hard-Rock and even Extreme Metal. The BHM Association organizes this Cycle in … Read more


Rome, April 14 – The Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid presents “Musica | aɔisùM !, a new series of concerts – in different musical genres – designed specifically for the web. Four events in which some of the most famous Italian and Spanish artists meet for the first time thanks to … (© 9Colonne – … Read more